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Executive Search Hungary

Find the best-suited long-term executives through executive search in Hungary. Our team will work with you on defining and detailing the role and making sure you are fully aware of all laws and norms as they relate to executives hires. We will recommend the best approach – either a full time or an interim position - depending on your industry, position and timeline. Browse below our database of Hungary’s executives or contact one of our local recruiting experts about a specific upcoming search assignment.

Find Executive Talent in Hungary

We can appreciate how difficult it can be to find the ideal executive for your organization in Hungary. Let us do the search for you, within 7-10 days we will present you a selection of available candidates in Hungary.

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Labor Laws in Hungary

Hiring executives in Hungary should not be taken lightly, and you must be aware of the local laws and norms before starting the search process. While investigating the possibility of conducting an executive search in Hungary, it is important to gain a clear understanding of Hungary's labor laws. Here are some labor laws to consider.

The rules of labour law are regulated in Act I of 2012 (Labour Code). The regulation is very similar to the labour laws of other European countries in that it has only minimum requirements as to the content of employment contracts. Employment contracts, modification and termination of employment must be incorporated in writing. Employment contracts are usually concluded for an indefinite period of time.

Business Background

Hungary has exited from recession in early 2013, but the recovery will be modest. Growth potential is held back by weak investment, low employment among low-skilled workers and shortcomings in labour and product markets, making further structural reforms essential. Meagre growth and its causes harm well‑being in ways that go beyond GDP per capita and concern income inequalities and the scope for social mobility. Access to international bond markets has improved significantly, but the still high foreign currency indebtedness remains a key vulnerability.

Key Differentiators

Professional Matching | CEO Worldwide

Professional matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

Fast Selection | CEO Worldwide

Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

Contractual Flexibility | CEO Worldwide

Contractual flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our certified executives for a permanent position.

Attractive Cost | CEO Worldwide

Competitive fees

100% success fees based on executive recruitment closing. A fixed recruitment fee specific by region and unique for any salary. No retained fees. No exclusivity.

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