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CEO Worldwide - FAQ

Executive recruitment with CEO Worldwide: Frequently asked questions regarding international recruitment, executive search, and interim management.

For clients

For candidates

General interest

For clients

• Who are CEO Worldwide's clients?

All companies from start ups, SME, Private Equity and large multinationals that are looking for executives and interim managers, mainly for cross border placements in a very fast, flexible and non-costly way. CEO Worldwide is the number one for international interim management or permanent executive placements, reducing cost for expanding or restructuring firms of any size and any sector. View also comments of recent clients (Start ups, SME, Multinational and Private Equity firms) in client testimonials.

• What is the benefit of using CEO Worldwide?

CEO Worldwide gives its clients access to

1) a unique pool of executives and interim managers with a current selection of 16,859 international executive profiles out of more than 166200 applications evaluated since 2001

2) the international recruitment and operational experience of its local partners, in order to:

  • ...find the best executive: many candidates are not actively looking and applying for jobs, thus you would not reach them via a newspaper advert.
  • considerable time: the executive search process, which guarantees you a first selection within a week, is very fast and efficient and most managers are available immediately or within 1-3 months.
  • ...have an international coverage: one can find executives and interim managers for international and national recruitment needs in 180 countries. For each mandate, a single contact person coordinates the whole recruitment process in association with the best local partner looking after the targeted country.
  • ...create recruitment as flexible as possible: one can hire temporary (interim manager with service contract) or recruit permanently or combine both with an interim management to permanent recruitment solution
  • ...keep cost under control and no retainer fees: our clients pay our fixed fees only if CEO Worldwide's search has been successful and if the client is recruiting one of our executive candidates either for a permanent position or for an interim assignment (see also our payment conditions in full transparency).

• What are CEO Worldwide's values?

CEO Worldwide and all its certified executives subscribe to the following values:

  • integrity, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • ethics and corporate governance
  • international spirit and multi-cultural adaptability
  • commitment and readiness to take a risk
  • flexibility and versatility

• What is CEO Worldwide's focus?

CEO Worldwide fully concentrates on high profile international executives and interim managers with a minimum of 10 to 15 years experience in an executive role who are presently in the yearly gross salary range between €100K and €500K covering:

• Are all iCEO immediately available and how does CEO Worldwide monitor the availability of its iCEO?

On average, 30% of all executives and interim managers in the database are available immediately, 50% of the managers in the database in one to three months and 20% in 3 to 6 months, because some iCEO are on interim management assignments at the moment and some are still working in a permanent executive position. CEO Worldwide asks its iCEO regularly to update the information held on them. For this purpose CEO Worldwide has installed a special iCEO Connect, where each iCEO can access its data sheet, including information on availability. Thus CEO Worldwide always holds updated information on availability of its certified executives and interim managers.

• What is the cost associated to CEO Worldwide's executive search service?

Step 1 - definition of the interim management assignment or the permanent executive position; definition of the required candidate profile; completion of the mandate;
Step 2 - identification and pre-selection of the suitable candidates; managers' interviews on a one to one basis run by CEO Worldwide; introduction of the 4-6 best matched profiles with CVs & pitches to the client
Step 3 – candidates’ interviews, fully organized by CEO Worldwide, with candidates selected by the client from the executive search service of CEO Worldwide.
All these services are free of charge.

If our clients decide to recruit one of the selected executive candidates:

For a permanent executive position: We apply a fixed commission specific by region and unique for any executive salary. This fee is only invoiced and due at the time of recruitment. View our fixed fees by region and by currency.

For an executive interim assignment, we give our clients the choice between:

1) Paying a fixed fee specific by region and unique for any interim candidate's monthly salary. Our fixed fee is only invoiced and due at the start of the assignment. In choosing this pricing option, once the interim period starts, our clients are totally free to pursue, stop or offer a permanent position to our candidates without any further obligation to CEO Worldwide. In case our clients wish to outsource the monthly candidate’s and clients' invoicing and payment, CEO Worldwide could handle that for a 5% fee per month. View our fixed fees by region and by currency.


2) Paying a monthly fee of 15% of the interim candidate's monthly salary. In choosing this pricing option, CEO Worldwide is in charge of setting up and managing the back to back agreement respectively with our clients and with the interim candidates. Each month, we proceed with the payment of the candidates and we invoice our clients the cost of the candidate (including, fiscal, social and other employment charges) plus our 15% fee. In the event our clients wish to recruit the interim candidate into a permanent position, a digressive percentage fee of the annual gross salary will be charged by CEO Worldwide (except if the candidate is being recruited permanently after a 12 month assignment period).

In an executive permanent position with a financial investment from the recruited candidate,, specific terms will apply according to the level of investment. Contact us for more information.

• What are CEO Worldwide's success fees?

Success fees are fees paid for a successful service delivery. In the case of CEO Worldwide this is the case when the selected executive or interim manager starts the job. See also cost associated to CEO Worldwide's executive search service.

• What is a executive search mandate?

A executive search mandate is the request of a client to search a suitable executive or interim manager for a given position. At CEO Worldwide a executive search mandate carries no financial obligations because the search itself and the presentation of suitable candidates is free of charge.

• How does CEO Worldwide find the right profile for a position?

CEO Worldwide defines together with the client the profile for the open position. The vast experience of CEO Worldwide's executive international placements guarantees that the profile will cover all necessary and useful criteria needed for an efficient search to present the client with a first exclusive selection of suitable executive candidates for the vacant position within one week.

• What is a matching process?

Matching process is step 2 within the executive search process where CEO Worldwide searches its own database for suitable executives and interim managers responding to the criteria of the profile (job or candidate profile) and selects the best candidates to present them to the client. The matching process is unique, fast and efficient, thanks to:

  1. a blend of information gathered for each iCEO
  2. a powerful matching tool developed by CEO Worldwide
  3. the senior experience of our executive search experts in international headhunters

• Does CEO Worldwide use psychometric and graphology tests etc. to evaluate its iCEO?

Generally, CEO Worldwide bases its judgement on the individual assessment of a candidate and certifies executives and interim managers based on

  1. facts presented through CV
  2. interviews with the candidate
  3. references from the last board the candidate worked with

This information is generally sufficient to establish a clear profile based on experience and personality. However, in accordance with client's wishes, CEO Worldwide also carries out psychometric or graphology tests which can be interesting additional tools in certain situations.

For candidates

• Who are CEO Worldwide's candidates?

Top executives and interim managers with a minimum of 10 years experience in an executive or entrepreneur role which have a reputation for excellence in leadership, understand the venture community and have built fast growing organizations. All our certified top execuitves and interim managers speak fluent English and have the ability to analyze and model businesses in a very restricted time frame. Last, but not least, all our candidates adhere to our set of CEO Worldwide values. To date, our iCEOs cover 11 specific executive functions which are CEO, COO/Managing Director, VP/Finance, VP/Business Development, VP/Sales & Marketing, VP/Technology-R&D, VP/Human Resources, General Secretary, General Counsel, Executive Consultant, Executive Investor.

• What are the benefits of being a CEO Worldwide candidate (iCEO)?

CEO Worldwide provides its iCEO with international job opportunities at no cost and opens the door to an international community of executives and interim managers, where you can publish your success stories, expert files and e-books to a large international audience. At CEO Worldwide, we value the expertise and contributions that our iCEOs share with us.

• What does it cost to be in CEO Worldwide's manager database?

To become a certified executive or interim manager and be part of CEO Worldwide's pool of executives is free. This free service includes certification through our team, regular updates and executive job offers sent by email in full confidentiality, access to your own data via iCEO Connect and the free newsletter subscription .

• What is behind the certification process?

executives and interim managers may apply online submitting their CV and letter of motivation. If the information gathered from these documents responds to our qualification criteria, we invite the candidate to fill in a specially developed application form to analyse the abilities and experience further. Before a candidate is presented to a client, CEO Worldwide holds interviews to ensure a perfect match with the clients needs. Lastly each candidate has to supply two references from their previous board to complete the screening process.

• Do I have to fill in the application form in all detail?

Yes. The data we collect in the application form is crucial to our efforts to match your profile to incoming assignments. If you do not indicate all the sectors and fields of your expertise in detail, you will reduce your chances to be found on the executive Search Engine.

• What is iCEO Connect?

iCEO Connect is a member only access area, where certified executives and interim managers of our manager pool can view and update all data CEO Worldwide holds on them in full confidentiality.

General interest

• What is an iCEO?

iCEO™ stands for international CEO which is the CEO Worldwide trademark for all executives and interim managers that went through the certification process successfully.

• What is Management on Demand™?

Management on Demand™ is our unique recruitment solution for international interim management and permanent executive recruitment for the presentation of suitable candidates (3-4 weeks in average to interview, select and recruit the final candidate).

• What is the breakdown and coverage of our certified executives candidates pool?

CEO Worldwide has a candidates pool of 16,859 certified executives and interim managers worldwide. You can view our pool live breakdown by function, company size and regions in the iCEO database of certified executives which is updated on a daily basis. You can also view our candidates coverage in the iCEO pool coverage.

• What is interim management?

Interim management is defined as the execution of an objective focused (interim) assignment by an independent manager within a limited time period. The interim manager usually works under a service contract, thus he has not the status of an employee. We cover interim management assignments with our flexible Management on Demand™ solution. The duration of these temporary missions varies from 6 to 9 months in average and one in two turn into permanent recruitment during or at the end of the interim management assignment.

• What is the main differentiator between CEO Worldwide and professional networks like "Linkedin"?

Opposed to a professional network, CEO Worldwide is handling the full selection and matching process for its clients, which is very time consuming and needs a lot of expertise and professionalism. Our executive search service offers only certified and screened executives and interim managers and the selection and matching of candidates is free. At a professional network site, clients have to do the selection themselves, often with poor keyword efficiency and to pay to post a job offer even if they don't find a suitable candidate. The time and effort needed to search and select suitable candidates under the many CVs is huge and thus very costly to the client while the success rates to find a suitable executive candidate within an acceptable period of time are rather small.

• What is the main differentiator between CEO Worldwide and an interim management provider?

CEO Worldwide is more than an interim management provider, because it offers interim management and direct executive recruitment. Furthermore, contractual flexibility enables you to simply turn interim management assignments into permanent recruitment at any time. Most interim management firms offer neither direct and permanent recruitment nor the possibility to change from an interim management to a permanent position. Also, only few interim management firms can respond to international and cross border needs. In contrast, CEO Worldwide created its value proposition and service structure specifically in view to respond efficiently to the cross border and international needs of its clients.

• What is the main differentiator between our executive search service and a normal executive search company?

Whereas a traditional executive search company starts looking for a executive profile after receiving a search mandate, we already hold a database with detailed information on over 16,859 executives and interim managers in many industry and service sectors and positions worldwide for a first selection. Interested candidates will submit their pitch for the open position, presenting how they can benefit the company in the vacant position. CEO Worldwide's partner is handling the final selection of the client after interviewing the candidate. All candidates have been screened in an initial certification process prior to the executive search mandate. Consequently there are four main differentiators:

  1. Timing: The actual search for the best suited executive only takes a few days: CEO Worldwide presents the best suited executives and interim managers for the position from its manager pool of certified candidates. Selected candidates are available within a few days as opposed to the availability of "head hunted" executives that are bound to search and resigning periods of 4-6-months. This puts our company at a distinctive competitive advantage compared to a traditional head hunter, who will take much longer to fill the same vacancy.
  2. Flexibility: We offer interim management as well. Clients can employ an interim manager for a specific task via a service contract but with the option to turn interim management assignments into permanent positions. The majority of head hunters do not offer interim management.
  3. Cost: We work on success fees only. The majority of the international executive search firms do not work on success fees but demand significant retainer fees before starting the search. With CEO Worldwide, there is not risk involved in testing the quality of its service as 100% of the fees are paid only if the candidate is recruited (no retainer). In addition to the recruitment fees paid only on success, CEO Worldwide applies a fixed recruitment fee (not as a percentage of the salary) specific by region and unique for any salary (see our financial conditions in full transparency).
  4. International coverage: We offer our executive search service worldwide, thus clients only need one senior and experienced contact person for all their recruitment needs in over 180 countries. executive search firms generally focus on the national market and have difficulties dealing with international recruitment needs.

Key Differentiators

Professional Matching | CEO Worldwide

Professional matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

Fast Selection | CEO Worldwide

Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

Contractual Flexibility | CEO Worldwide

Contractual flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our certified executives for a permanent position.

Attractive Cost | CEO Worldwide

Competitive fees

100% success fees based on executive recruitment closing. A fixed recruitment fee specific by region and unique for any salary. No retained fees. No exclusivity.

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