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In This Issue:
- CEO Expert File: Why Renewable Energies Need A Renewable Mindset
- INSEAD Knowledge Video: Settling the Debate on Climate Change
- CEO Success Story: Transformational Leadership
- CEO Discussion File: Why should your customers do business with you?
- CEO Guide: Executive Recruitment is Broken
- iCEO of the month: Key factors of success
- Latest Job Offers

Dear Reader,

Patrick Mataix First of all, the CEO Worldwide team wishes you a wonderful and prosperous and - most importantly - healthy New Year!
Health is the most important good we have in life - only, we don't realise it until it fades away. The same applies to our environment - we use it, exploit it and shut the eyes at the first signs of its deterioration.
It's a new year, a new chance to change things, to hold still for a little moment and to think about our own strategy towards our own life, our health, and the world we live in.
Thus it is not by chance, that I chose the following articles for you. To start with, our iCEO Libro F. Nanni talks about renewable energies, and, more importantly, about the renewable mindset, that needs to go hand in hand with this approach. The importance of this issue explains Bob Ayres, an Emeritus Professor of Economics and Political Science and Technology Management at INSEAD in the INSEAD Knowledge Video "Settling the Debate on Climate Change".
Change is also the subject of the challenging Success Story from our extraordinary iCEO Asha Sampath on a restructuring excercise in a time of crisis.
Then our iCEO Jo Orlando exploits the best strategy to reach new customers without burning your energy and funds and valuable time on lost pathways.
This principle also applies to executive recruitment, as we point out in our new CEO Worldwide Guide "Executive Recruitment is Broken". See for yourself, how you can save cost, time and nerves when recruiting your next executive talent.
Finally our iCEO Russel Dalbey explains in the Executive Video of the month, how much the recruitment of -what he calls - "A-Players" is key to his amazing and lasting entrepreneurial success.

Enjoy the reading!

Best wishes

Patrick Mataix
CEO and Founder

Why Renewable Energies Need A Renewable Mindset

CEO Worldwide Expert File on our Blog, written by Libro F. Nanni

Energy is by definition an exciting thing. We use that word not only to describe the motor of our everyday life, the very essence of how our world works, but also to define spirit, character, even a conversation. It's too bad if we happen to fail in comprehending the latter (that's life), but if we also fail to understand energy as the primary and complex matter and industry that it is, then we are bound for catastrophe ...
To read this mind opening Expert File from Libro F. Nanni, click here.

Libro F. Nanni is an accomplished, multi-lingual and growth focused Senior Executive with a proven track record of international large-scale ($300M+ USD) contract successes leading General Management, Change Management, Business Development, Sales, and Operations Teams within various sectors of industry such as high-tech field with late focus on the Power and Energy, Renewable Energy, and Utilities sectors with significant exposure to the operating environments of US multinational corporations and the effective management of dispersed multicultural and multifunctional teams within multi-country environments.

To view Libro F. Nanni's profile, click here.

Settling the Debate on Climate Change

INSEAD Video and text from our partner, INSEAD Knowledge

insead Scientists are closer than ever to definitively proving that climate change exists and putting the deniers to rest.
Despite the climate agreement in Paris (COP21), where 195 countries adopted the first legally binding treaty to curb climate change, the debate about whether climate change exists or whether it's the fault of human beings still rages on.
Climate deniers, typically extreme libertarians and anti-government free market advocates, characterise the views of most climate scientists and environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, as "alarmist" and "left-wing dogma".
But what is the real situation? Listen to Bob Ayres, an Emeritus Professor of Economics and Political Science and Technology Management at INSEAD and The Novartis Chair in Management and the Environment, Emeritus.

To listen to this inspiring INSEAD Knowledge Video, click here.

Transformational Leadership

CEO Worldwide Success Story written by Asha Sampath

This is the story of a challenging restructuring excercise in a time of crisis: Originally owned by a British Corporation who were into multiple sectors, several of them Cash cows, the company changed hands to a European Private Equity fund, supported by Management buyout stakeholders of multiple nationalities. Consequently priorities shifted from a long term customer centric goal to a relatively short term financial goal that was an offshoot of the exit strategy... read more

Asha Sampath is the head of Corporate Growth and Brand Strategy Practice at Brandhorizon, a Management consulting platform that specializes in Brand Management and Interim leadership for restructuring and transformation. Prior to this, her role was Country Head for Operations for a wholly owned subsidiary of a European MNC - Originally a 300 million Euro operations worldwide and having presence in all continents. Earlier positions include role of General Manager for a New Green field Project, finance roles which includes a CFO role for India operations and several finance positions across multi sectors and cultures both in India and PAN Asia markets.

To view Asha Sampath's iCEO certified profile, click here.

Why should your customers do business with you?

CEO Worldwide Discussion file on our Blog, written by Joe Orlando

70 If you can't explain why customers should do business with you, how can you expect THEM to know! Listen and look closely at advertisements that promote that they are the BEST - HIGHEST RANKED - MOST AWARDED - at something and it always comes with the key qualifier. Best "in class," and most awarded "in their segment..."
THIS is the very key! Eliminate every opportunity to be measured on a level playing field with everyone else in your markets. Unless, of course, you are already the market leader with a substantial share ... but I suspect, to achieve this, the market had to recognize uniqueness and a "bar" was raised with which to measure all others ... read more

Joe Orlando is a Global Technology Executive with strong business and financial acumen, and a strong ability to link marketing strategy and results directly to overall business strategy and company financial goals. He possesses excellent influencing skills and is able to drive consensus as well as to recognize and articulate a future direction. He has a strong track record of new product development and a demonstrated ability to forge strategic alliances with key partners.

To view Joe Orlando's iCEO certified profile, click here

Executive Recruitment is Broken

New CEO Worldwide guide: Executive Recruitment is Broken

Many of the organizations we work with tell us the same story; that cross-border executive recruitment is slow, expensive and inflexible.
In our new guide we reveal the practices hirers should demand in 2017, including better use of technology to accelerate the interview process, fixed-fee pricing on placement only, and greater flexibility around interim and permanent hiring options.
In 'Executive Recruitment is Broken' we dispel the myths that have surrounded the industry for many years and offer practical advice and tips to help you find the right executive on your terms.

You can download it here.

iCEO Video of the Month

Russel Dalbey achieved ZERO to $128 million in sales within six years. He started, ran, and owned 100% of this company and started seven other successful multi-million dollar companies as well. He claims, the secret to building great companies lies within the CEO's leadership and being expert in sales and marketing. In his video he shares the key factors of his outstanding entrepreneurial success in just 90 seconds.
To view Russel Dalbey's Video, click here .

To view Russel Dalbey's iCEO certified profile, click here.

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