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Insight Papers

In this section, our international executives, interim managers, and executive investors publish their insight papers to share their expert business knowledge with you.

The selection of insight papers (downloadable as PDF free of charge) written by our iCEO™ executives and interim managers gives you a first insight into the level of experience and competence of our certified executives and interim managers through their business testimonials.

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CEO Insight Papers

Family Business in Latin America: Establishing a Protocol for Succession

Author : , CEO, Mexico based, iCEO #49937

Interim manager 49937All family owned businesses (FOB) have to face, one day or another, the passing of the reins to the next generation. This is a delicate moment in the life of any family-run organization. At that point, SMEs that have planned (and developed) in advance family protocols and succession agreements, will be in a much better position to achieve a generational transition without compromising the future and the continuity of the company itself. Read more...

How to let an Interim Manager do "the job" or "a great job"?

Author : , CEO, France based, iCEO #29129

Interim manager 29129The background of this article are two French firms in trouble, with around one hundred employees and twenty million in revenue each. These two manufacturers of industrial equipment are subsidiaries of two international Groups of about 1,000 employees and € 200 million in revenue. Each local company suddenly loses his top manager, for different reasons, but that lead the Groups in both cases to assign an Executive Interim Manager. Read more...

Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

Author : , CEO, USA based, iCEO #62540

Interim manager 62540Execution has enjoyed an impressive reputation in the last few years under the banner that any strategy is worthless if not executed. While this assertion is tautologically undeniable, it is also true that executing a flawed strategy can have unappealing consequences. New Coke or the Betamax video format come to mind. Read more...

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HR Insight Papers

A Tip on the Long Tail of Top Management

Author : VPHR, Switzerland based, iCEO #26299

Executive 26299Taking risks is inherent in top management roles, but some often suppressed aspects are isolation and doubt. With the increase of economic and political uncertainly and complexity, top managers need to be able to ponder alternatives and decisions with stakeless peers – something that they cannot find in their Boards or management groups.

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OUT IN FRONT 2010 – 2020: War of Experts

Author : VPHR, Austria based, iCEO #50539

Executive 50539According to a landmark Mc Kinsey study in 1997, 6.000 manager and executives stated that the most important corporate resource over the next twenty years will be talent. Smart, sophisticated business people who are technologically literate, globally astute and operational agile. In 2000 they updated the study and found, despite the economic slowdown and the end of the boom, the war for talent was intensifying dramatically. McKinsey found that attracting and retaining talent was not just a valid desire – it was a business imperative.

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Hiring the “A” Team: The Right Ingredients for Recruiting Success

Author : VPHR, Canada based, iCEO #35976

HR FilesThere’s no doubt that the well-established race for talent will continue to intensify. Shifting demographics are significantly impacting the composition of the talent pool, to the harsh extent that some companies are even leaving positions unfilled because they cannot locate the “perfect fit” candidates. Yet, in this global economy where the most critical competitive differentiators are derived from a higher performing workforce, this approach simply isn’t viable. Plus, when the mandate from the board clearly states that ‘our people are our greatest asset,’ HR professionals need to support the organization with a firm strategy that addresses hiring challenges. Simply put, to sustain and drive a market leader position, hiring the ‘A’ team is a necessity, not an option...

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Sales & Marketing Insight Papers

Why and how print works in the digital age

Author : VPSM, Austria based, iCEO #62907

Marketing manager 62907Not long ago at the dawn of the new millennium, the World Wide Web appeared to businesses to be a paradise. Marketing professionals clearly saw the merits of shifting to the internet and joined in droves the chorus proclaiming the end of printed advertising. The digital promise was simple and credible: You do not pay for expensive paper. With no paper you save the money for the printer. Distribution works by a mouse click enabling you to reach much more customers at a much higher frequency at marginal costs next to zero.

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The Challenges of Emerging Market CMOs - 5 Pitfalls to avoid

Author : VPSM, Canada based, iCEO #61547

Marketing manager 61547In his last expert file, André van Regenmortel gave a very useful overview why you should enter emerging markets now, where you should do so, and how you should do it. Now he goes one step further and explores the challenges of emerging, and thus very special and difficult markets. Read in this excellent paper, what pitfalls you may expect and how you can avoid them.

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Improve your sales efficiency

Author : VPSM, UK based, iCEO #50408

Marketing manager 50408Time and sales – Do you have too much or too little? Most people think their own sales teams are not “World Class” and that they lack efficiency and effectiveness. Possibly you feel the same. Do you think that your sales could be better? Do you wonder why deals are just not happening? The good news is that you are not alone; almost all companies think the same, including your competition. Not many people however know what is causing the problem or even how to fix it...

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CFO Insight Papers

How to successfully relaunch a company

Author : CFO, France based, iCEO #8000

CFO FilesQuelques règles simples pour mener à bien une reprise d'entreprise : définir les risques liés au repreneur, à la société cible et au cédant. Bien préparer et définir son projet, se faire accompagner par des experts pour bien comprendre le contexte, le potentiel et les faiblesses de la société cible. Définir une stratégie de reprise, de développement et de financement afin de convaincre les partenaires financiers. Tous les aspects clés à ne pas négliger dans le processus de reprise.

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Methods of evaluation of a SME

Author : CFO, France based, iCEO #8000

CFO FilesLa valorisation d'une PME est un exercice délicat en raison des éléments complexes qui entrent en compte. Les méthodes varient en fonction du contexte, de la taille et des perspectives de l'entreprise. A partir de ces éléments, l'évaluateur choisit la meilleure approche : évaluation patrimoniale, par comparaison, financière, et applique la méthode la plus adaptée. Quelques règles de calculs.

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LBO takeover methods

(French, German)
Author : CFO, France based, iCEO #8000

CFO FilesLBO, LBI, LMBO, BIMBO … All these terms refer to complex financial operations aiming to buying a company without owning the necessary funds. LBOs goal is to find every possible leverage : financial, fiscal, legal, etc... to raise these funds. This article will help you understand LBO's mechanism.

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