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Executive #71620

Profile of Ghislaine: CEO

CEO: Manage a 10Mio$ worldwide marketing company specialized to grow pipeline an... (more)

Countries covered: France, Switzerland, UK, USA

Sectors covered: E-Commerce /Internet, IT/Computer Hardware, Software

Major Achievements

CEO: Brought the company into a positive P&L within 18 months and provide the predictability of the company / Devel... (more)

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Interim manager 39215Leadership Courage is Contagious
Written by Mike Hoff

It's helpful to define Leadership as "any attempt to influence" and Courage as "the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger or uncertainty". So together Leadership Courage can be described as any attempt to influence a person or situation in the face of controversy where there is an easier option available. Quite often this alternative is a simple "Yes, I agree" rather than put your voice into the ring. It is this strength of conviction and verbalising those thoughts that are running around in a Courageous Leaders head that differentiates them from the yes people...

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MC Capital EuropeCEO Worldwide's value proposition matches perfectly our often urgent needs to find the right manager to strengthen the management team of our portfolio companies in a timely manner.

Taro Ikeba
Head of Investments
MC Capital Europe

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iCEO testimonialThanks to the great work of CEO Worldwide, I was able to find a new position in less than one month.

Hugues Belleville
CFO, France

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