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In our increasingly globalised world, outdated timeframes and inflexible working patterns are on the way out. Today, companies need worldly, adaptable executives without going through long recruitment processes.
Cylex 1. What is CEO Worldwide and what is its purpose?
CEO Worldwide: Patrick Mataix, co­founder and former COO of Vistaprint, sees himself as an entrepreneur, not an HR person. Together with fellow INSEAD graduate Robert Keane, he built Vistaprint into the NASDAQ­listed entity it is today. However, Mataix’s experience of management wasn’t without problems, the worst being the process of finding and recruiting relevant executive talent.Now the founder and CEO of executive search firm CEO Worldwide, Mataix found the same problem everywhere he operated. He needed somebody very quickly, and the top international headhunters couldn’t provide this service.When he left Vistaprint, therefore, Mataix set out to create an executive search platform that gave companies access to relevant executives in a reactive and flexible way. 13 years later, CEO Worldwide team have certified an exclusive pool of over 14,000 international top executives, covering 178 countries and 84 languages, ready to be matched for relevant interim management assignments or permanent positions matching their professional expectations.

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Patrick Mataix

In 2001 Patrick Mataix founded CEO Worldwide Ltd ( International Management on Demand™) after a career of more than 25 years in the technology sector in Europe and the USA.

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