How up to date is your Business Decision Making Process?

It’s one of the most stresssfull factors in Business: To make a decision that will impact your business and the people that work in it. So, how can you Business Decision Making Process?
In this issue we look at this question very closely:
Our iCEO Colin Thompson investigates the most common mistakes when setting up a Business Case Analysis. Then Phanish Puranam, a Roland Berger Chair Professor of Strategy & Organisation Design at INSEAD demystifies Corporate Strategy Decision Making in the INSEAD Knowledge Video “Corporate Strategy Decision Making, Demystified”. Followed by iCEO Joe Orlando’s Expert File, which investigates the flaws of Business Intelligence and how you can avoid them.
A related topic brings you the Expert File of iCEO Jorge Zazueta: Once you have come to a decision – how can you ensure its successful execution?
Finally our iCEO Thomas Stephen explains in the Executive Video of the month, how he lead the internal restructure of operations to enable a company to become the global leader in its sector.

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Patrick Mataix

In 2001 Patrick Mataix founded CEO Worldwide Ltd ( International Management on Demand™) after a career of more than 25 years in the technology sector in Europe and the USA.

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