Executive Video – CEO – USA

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Watch this video of one of our vetted executive: Matthew #66139 iCEO, CEO – USA

Matthew McLauchlin, CEO - USA

Highly decorated global operations and leadership C-suite executive successfully restructuring and growing strategic operations for both private business and government sector organizations.

Established and subsequently managed an $18 billion interagency organization budget for the execution of synergy and consistency with strategy and goals. Co-developed a $2.2 billion market-based development program to develop the initial private sector funding for a key project revolving around private sector program enhancement. Increased program funding nearly 300% through ongoing communications and long-term negotiations with executive-level personnel.

View Matthew’s Short Bio and contact him at https://www.ceo-worldwide.com/executive-search-engine.php?iman=66139

About CEO Worldwide www.ceo-worldwide.com

Patrick Mataix founded CEO Worldwide in 2001 with the main objective to be the ideal international C-level resourcing partner for any global business. Its portfolio services can support operationally any business worldwide, in each of these time-sensitive and critical situations:

  • Cross border executive resourcing mixing interim management and permanent recruitment.
  • International business development and local restructuring assignments in any of the 180 countries covered with our iCEO Management on Demand services.
  • Corporate funding can be greatly facilitated and leveraged with our iCEO Investors on Demand service.

Since 2001, CEO Worldwide has managed 1237 C-level searches for clients of all sizes and multiple industry sectors worldwide. We have focused successfully on very urgent cross borders C-level executives’ needs on 4 main client following situations:

  • International development
  • Turnaround and crisis management
  • Merger and acquisition management
  • Or sudden departure of a key executive

Our clients have the possibility to choose from the most adapted contractual service that we offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact CEO Worldwide if you have urgent search for an executive https://www.ceo-worldwide.com/executive-search-request.php