Succeed With Indian Manufacturing

3 Things You’ll Need To Succeed With Indian Manufacturing

We’ve worked since 1995 to connect Western businesses with the Indian market. Over that timespan(nearly 20 years now) we’ve seen patterns emerge—patterns of success, and patterns of failure.

One developing pattern that is easy to see is the rise of Indian manufacturing. Some sources are saying that the Indian manufacturing sector could expand to six times the size it is now by 2025. There’s a huge potential to profit in this field, but just like anything else you’ll need the right tools to succeed. Tools like these:

A Well-Forged Contact Network

Business is never “just business.” It’s always about personal connections (whether you’re in Manhattan, Moscow, or Mumbai). This is true on both the business-to-business level and on the business-to-customer level, of course, and it’s especially true in India. The businesses we’ve seen succeed in India have been the ones that either already had a strong network of contacts, or quickly developed one. That requires a commitment to learn the social landscape and meet the existing players on their own terms.

Studied Inter-Cultural Competence

We are always surprised whenever a businessperson doesn’t bother to learn the cultural nuances of a place that they do business with. Not only is it bad manners, but it’s bad business because everyone that they meet judges them on their lack of respect for the location.

On the other hand, if you show that you’ve taken some time to study the local traditions and are making an effort to be considerate, you’ll find your goals a lot easier to achieve. You don’t need to speak any local language; what people really want to see is that you’re making an effort. That shows respect for those whom you’re dealing with.

A Voice Of Experience

There’s an old story about the British embassy in Afghanistan during the cold war. As part of the propaganda war against communism, the British government sent out the writings of George Orwell (“Animal Farm”) to distribute to the locals. What they didn’t realize, though, was that the main characters of Animal Farm are talking pigs … a major faux-pas in a mostly Muslim country!

There are more things, of course, that all successful Indian ventures have in common, but for that you’ll have to head over to our website. Maybe we can help you remember something that will save your own project . . . or be the next shining success story of Indian manufacturing.

About the Author: Waseem Hussain is the Founder & CEO of a services company with a specialization on business with India. Before, he was the business manager of a globally operating outsourcing company, after heading a joint venture between a Swiss and an Indian software development company. His key strengths are quickly grasping the clients’ situation, crafting executable strategies and implementing steps towards success. View his short bio

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