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Executive Job Offer: CEO/General Manager – IT Technology & Services – France

Our client, a start-up (financially supported by 2 Large Caps) with over €2 million in revenue, is looking for a CEO/General Manager to transform the company, passing from a technical/IT perspective to an industrialized company.

He (She) will manage and develop the activities of business development, commercial, financial and operational activities of the company, with the objective to prioritize the projects related to innovation, improve the productivity of the current projects and at the same time enabling the growth of the structure while ensuring profits. Continue reading

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The security challenges of the Industrial IOT Wireless Networks

by Didier Guiraud – Smart N Secure


This paper will illustrate how important it is to ensure a very high level of security within all the upcoming Industrial IOT Wireless networks. It represents an absolute necessity that requires to be shared and understood at the highest executive levels of the Solution Providers and of all the Industrial Users.

These networks already are and will be more and more characterized by the need to implement bi-directional communications between devices without any human support or any access to any Server and/or Gateway/Data Concentrator Unit. This is setting up a huge difference in term of security architecture versus more traditional point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications, alike the cellular communications that already are very well secured in case of sensitive transmissions or receptions, such as money transfers or cellular phone subscription management. Continue reading

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