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Expertenwissen internationaler Manager: „The CEO files“

Executive Search und Führungskräftevermittlung sind Vertrauenssache - besonders, wenn dies über die Landesgrenze hinweg geschieht. Zuverlässigkeit, Diskretion und Kompetenz sind Voraussetzung für eine gut funktionierende Zusammenarbeit - sowohl mit uns als auch mit unseren Managern. Hier finden Sie verschiedene Artikel aus unserer Reihe CEO Worldwide Expertenwissen aus den Bereichen generelles Management, Personalwesen, Marketing und Vertrieb sowie Finanzen. Lassen Sie sich durch die Lektüre dieser interessanten Fachartikel von der Kompetenz der von uns vermittelten Manager überzeugen.

CEO Files: Management

Do you speak Strategy?

Autor : , CEO, Wohnort: Frankreich, iCEO #78121

Interim manager 78121The core reality when it comes to strategy is that many companies started doing business based on a great idea, then usually search fundings. If they succeed to get fundings which is already a great step, the team shows then outstanding passion, resilience, and perseverance to reach the next level. In these companies, small or big, when you mention the « word » strategy, you will get a different reaction from every people you talk to...Read more Lesen Sie mehr...

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CEO Files: Personalwesen

HR: Useless people and pain in your neck? Prompt the change!

Autor : VPHR, Wohnort: Frankreich, iCEO #48299

Executive 48299In your company, HR people are (almost) useless! It is true! HR are a cost center: you have to pay the members of the team and to allocate them offices and equipment. HR are a pain in your neck!There too, it is true! HR think of applying the law and the best practice and they ask you to fill in dozens of formal documents. The survey named “Radioscopie of HR” led in 2016 by Cegos, the international leader in training, underlines the growing weight of the administrative and law constraints. HR, one doesn’t know what that is used for!

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CEO Files: Vertrieb und Marketing

The “Non Sales” Sales Person

Autor : VPSM, Wohnort: Indien, iCEO #65923

Marketing manager 65923According to Shantanu Sen Sharma, the role of non-sales - Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Production and Quality folks, Domain and Functional experts, increases exponentially. New sales models like "Challenger Selling" etc. (see also 'Selling through Insight' by Nitin Kumar) are making this need felt even more - the ability to PREDICT the customer’s pain as opposed to JUST UNDERSTANDING it.

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LOBBYING - Strategies and techniques of intervention

Autor : Wohnort: Frankreich, iCEO #61916

Executive 61916Lobbying is the activity which consists in influencing directly or indirectly any government action or decision. This profession has not yet been regulated in France, and it is desirable that legislators address this issue. Lobbying is indeed a very powerful weapon, which, if it is well used and performed in a professional manner, can provide the French and European enterprises with competitive advantages, both on the domestic and international markets. The subject of this convenient and accessible book aims to present lobbying in a new light, to show that it should be a profession practiced by professional specialists, such as, for example, those who are responsible for the marketing and financial issues in any sort of organisation.

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