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Testimonial: A partner who shares the risk through success fees

"We were looking for a solution to investigate the UK market quickly with our VoIP solutions without having a local infrastructure in that country.

We chose CEO Worldwide and its solution and could select the right business builder based in the UK.
After few months of operations, we were able to identify and solve technical local compliance issues with our products, to sign and certify 2 main distributors (VARs) giving a significant business forecast. Not only, CEO Worldwide proposes definitely the most cost effective solution to expand in European markets but its value proposition is truly flexible & simple to set up.

Moreover, we found a partner who understands the entrepreneur spirit but also accepted to share the risk with a portion of success fees."

Philippe Oros, CEO & Founder


Quescom: French telecom start-up, series B ($10M raised in Q2 2002)Quescom chooses a full-time Business Development manager qualified by CEO Worldwide based in the UK to open the UK market.

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Professional matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

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Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

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Contractual flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our certified executives for a permanent position.

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100% success fees based on executive recruitment closing. A fixed recruitment fee specific by region and unique for any salary. No retained fees. No exclusivity.

CONTACT: USA +1 646 898 2014 | UK +44 203 137 2581 | France +33 970 448 419 | Germany +49 89 5480 3739 | India +91 124 663 7651 | Email us:
USA +1 646 898 2014
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