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CEO Worldwide - CEO & Founder Message

Patrick Mataix, Founder & CEO of CEO Worldwide

CEO Patrick Mataix Welcome to CEO Worldwide, a unique International Executives on Demand service (interim management, recruitment with or without investment) providing a professional C-level executives selection in a matter of days worldwide with a 100% success based fee model.

I founded CEO Worldwide in 2001, because as an entrepreneur, regularly using the services of headhunters and consultants, I had been frustrated by the inadequacy of their answers and timing to solve the international problems I was facing daily.

As cofounder and COO of Vistaprint (; Nasdaq : CMPR), from 1996 to 2001, I spent most of my time and energy developing the business internationally: raising funds, opening subsidiaries or acquiring and restructuring businesses. I was permanently looking urgently for managers in France, UK, Germany, the US… All my problems boiled down to finding quickly the right person, in the right culture, with the right profile, at a reasonable cost, to either help me do things faster and more efficiently, or run a portion of our fast growing business.

While meeting VCs, partners and CXOs, I could clearly see that I was not the only one around wasting time and money in endless, costly and frustrating processes, not adapted to the pace of our international development.

That's why I founded CEO Worldwide and tailored our complete portfolio services with the main objective to be the ideal international C-level resourcing partner for any global business.

CEO Worldwide portfolio services can support operationally any business worldwide, in each of these time-sensitive and critical situations:

  • Cross border Executive Resourcing can be solved quickly with our iCEO Management on Demand service mixing interim management and permanent recruitment.
  • International Business development and Local Restructuring assignments can be addressed in any of the 180 countries covered with our iCEO Management on Demand services.
  • Corporate funding can be greatly facilitated and leveraged with our iCEO Investors on Demand service .

Since 2001, CEO Worldwide has managed 1166 C-level searches for clients of all sizes and multiple industry sectors in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. We have focused successfully on very urgent cross borders C-level executives’ needs on 4 main client situations: International development, Turnaround and crisis management, Merger and acquisition management or sudden departure of a key executive. Our clients have the possibility to choose from the most adapted contractual service that we offer, going from short e-consulting missions (few days), interim management (few months) to permanent executive recruitment associated with personal investment (average 300K USD)for some of them. A high level of flexibility!

Since 2001, our HR certification team has certified 17,567 international executives amongst 105,402 applications, growing daily our iCEOs community, covering 180 countries and 84 languages. To date, 10894 (63%) of our iCEOs received at least one job opportunity!

Our clients appreciate our international reactivity to select the right executives in only a couple of days compared to weeks or months using traditional solutions, but also, our portfolio services flexibility and scope going from interim management or permanent recruiting with iCEO Management on Demand and recruitment with investment with iCEO Investors on Demand. Our clients also appreciate the transparency of our success based fee structure with our strong operational and results focus.

CEO Worldwide is shaking an old fashion and costly cross borders headhunters and consulting market and is becoming a “must have” HR global partner for any business, to keep their agility within such geopolitical and economical fast changing international environment.

In conclusion, if you have an urgent search for an executive with specific senior expertise who can be operational in few days as an interim manager, acting or non-acting director with or without personal funding to invest, please don’t hesitate to contact CEO Worldwide. We can solve your needs in a matter of days!

On behalf of CEO Worldwide team, I would like to thank our clients, iCEOs and corporate partners for their loyalty since we first launched our International Executives on Demand service, 17 years ago.

Patrick Mataix

Key Differentiators

Professional Matching | CEO Worldwide

Professional matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

Fast Selection | CEO Worldwide

Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

Contractual Flexibility | CEO Worldwide

Contractual flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our certified executives for a permanent position.

Attractive Cost | CEO Worldwide

Competitive fees

100% success fees based on executive recruitment closing. A fixed recruitment fee specific by region and unique for any salary. No retained fees. No exclusivity.

CONTACT: USA +1 646 898 2014 | UK +44 203 137 2581 | France +33 970 448 419 | Germany +49 89 5480 3739 | India +91 124 663 7651 | Email us:
USA +1 646 898 2014
UK +44 203 137 2581
France +33 970 448 419
Germany +49 89 5480 3739
India +91 124 663 7651
Email us:
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