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Papiers d'experts de nos iCEOs

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Les dossiers du PDG

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, what for???

Auteur : , CEO, France, iCEO #48299

Interim manager 48299For a lot of companies, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development remain relatively vague concepts. They speak about it, they think of it, but they are very few to set up a true strategy. Much wonders which can be their interest to take a turn towards a responsible and durable company. Lire la suite...

How You Can Grow Your Company Globally?

Auteur : , CEO, États-Unis, iCEO #53605

Interim manager 53605First, Why your company should be interested in the global market? For the same reason that Apple, Starbucks, FedEx, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Walmart, Netflix, McDonalds and others are, most of their future growth will come from that market. In small to medium size companies, it may come as revenue growth or as an opportunity to increase the value of your company, if you and your investors decide to exit. Lire la suite...

Where are the Women… Capable of being Corporate Directors?

Auteur : , CEO, France, iCEO #62099

Interim manager 62099One article among others in France highlights "A scarcity of women with CEO’s experience, one of the profiles that companies are seeking widely for their board of directors”. This implies that in order to validly exercise a mandate in France, it is almost essential to have managed a company, at least a business unit? Not to mention the essential financial expertise... Do we often become CEOs after having been CFOs? Not so sure: that's not the point here. Lire la suite...

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Les dossiers du DRH

HR: Useless people and pain in your neck? Prompt the change!

Auteur : VPHR, France, iCEO #48299

Executive 48299In your company, HR people are (almost) useless! It is true! HR are a cost center: you have to pay the members of the team and to allocate them offices and equipment. HR are a pain in your neck!There too, it is true! HR think of applying the law and the best practice and they ask you to fill in dozens of formal documents. The survey named “Radioscopie of HR” led in 2016 by Cegos, the international leader in training, underlines the growing weight of the administrative and law constraints. HR, one doesn’t know what that is used for!

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A Tip on the Long Tail of Top Management

Auteur : VPHR, Suisse, iCEO #26299

Executive 26299Taking risks is inherent in top management roles, but some often suppressed aspects are isolation and doubt. With the increase of economic and political uncertainly and complexity, top managers need to be able to ponder alternatives and decisions with stakeless peers – something that they cannot find in their Boards or management groups.

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OUT IN FRONT 2010 – 2020: War of Experts

(Anglais, Allemand)
Auteur : VPHR, Autriche, iCEO #50539

Executive 50539According to a landmark Mc Kinsey study in 1997, 6.000 manager and executives stated that the most important corporate resource over the next twenty years will be talent. Smart, sophisticated business people who are technologically literate, globally astute and operational agile. In 2000 they updated the study and found, despite the economic slowdown and the end of the boom, the war for talent was intensifying dramatically. McKinsey found that attracting and retaining talent was not just a valid desire – it was a business imperative.

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Les Dossiers du Directeur Commercial et Marketing

The “Non Sales” Sales Person

Auteur : VPSM, Inde, iCEO #65923

Marketing manager 65923According to Shantanu Sen Sharma, the role of non-sales - Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Production and Quality folks, Domain and Functional experts, increases exponentially. New sales models like "Challenger Selling" etc. (see also 'Selling through Insight' by Nitin Kumar) are making this need felt even more - the ability to PREDICT the customer’s pain as opposed to JUST UNDERSTANDING it.

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The Challenges of Emerging Market CMOs - 5 Pitfalls to avoid

Auteur : VPSM, Canada, iCEO #61547

Marketing manager 61547In his last expert file, André van Regenmortel gave a very useful overview why you should enter emerging markets now, where you should do so, and how you should do it. Now he goes one step further and explores the challenges of emerging, and thus very special and difficult markets. Read in this excellent paper, what pitfalls you may expect and how you can avoid them.

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Improve your sales efficiency

Auteur : VPSM, UK, iCEO #50408

Marketing manager 50408Time and sales – Do you have too much or too little? Most people think their own sales teams are not “World Class” and that they lack efficiency and effectiveness. Possibly you feel the same. Do you think that your sales could be better? Do you wonder why deals are just not happening? The good news is that you are not alone; almost all companies think the same, including your competition. Not many people however know what is causing the problem or even how to fix it...

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