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International Top Executive Video

Watch this video of one of our vetted executive: Roland #77643 iCEO, Sales & Marketing Director – Germany. Roland is a Vision-driven, goal focussed and hands(more)

CEO Worldwide Bulletin: October 2019

Welcome to the first issue of our new quarterly newsletter, bringing you the latest news from CEO Worldwide and the world of executive recruitment, and sharing insights from our vetted iCEOs around t(more)

Attitudes to gender equality in the boardroom appear to be shifting, according to CEO Worldwide survey

1181 C-Level and HR executives responded to a CEO Worldwide survey on the reality of gender balance in the c-suite in 2019…

What do you do with an interim manager?

It seems like we should all know the answer to that question, yet so many organisations struggle to use their interim manager in the best way, for the most effective outcome. But knowing can mean the(more)

Is a woman's relationship to power different to man's?

Absolutely, according to this JUMP study. With women bringing a new approach to leadership and authority at board level, more and more companies are seeing this as a positive change. You can read the(more)

Why is strategic brand management even more relevant during an economic downturn?

When times are tough, it's easy to think cutting branding budgets will save you. But it could be the most damaging decision you make. It's far better to see challenging times as an opportunity to inv(more)

Ready to go global?

Before branching out, it's worth making sure everything is rock solid. Things like sound sales channels, compliance with local laws, understanding localisation and cultural considerations. As Herb La(more)

Why Female Executive Search?

Companies with greater gender equality at a senior level are proven to be more profitable. Yet despite the indisputable evidence that female leaders build better businesses, there is still a need (more)

Essence of innovation in supply chain management

Written by Shantha Martin I keep going back to innovation…and I am sure you’ll be wondering, WHY?? It is simply so, because if it wasn’t for innovation, we wouldn’t have progressed thus far,…..(more)

Probing the Minds of Elected Women Representatives on Village Councils in India

An interesting paper from Samir Sathe, one of CEO Worldwide vetted C-level candidates This paper aims to probe the minds of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) , the harbingers of change in rural pol(more)