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Executive Job Offer: CEO/General Manager – IT Technology & Services – France

Our client, a start-up (financially supported by 2 Large Caps) with over €2 million in revenue, is looking for a CEO/General Manager to transform the company, passing from a technical/IT perspective to an industrialized company.

He (She) will manage and develop the activities of business development, commercial, financial and operational activities of the company, with the objective to prioritize the projects related to innovation, improve the productivity of the current projects and at the same time enabling the growth of the structure while ensuring profits. Continue reading

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How do you manage your production plant recruitment ? A case study.

What do you do, when your reliable and effective head of  your foreign production plant has to leave at short notice? Or if you plan to expand your operations to another country? Who do you turn to? A local head hunter or an international recruitment company ?

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How CEO Worldwide changed the rules of the international executive recruitment game?

As co-founder of Vistaprint Ltd, Patrick Mataix got frustrated by the lengthy and costly process of recruiting international top executives. That’s when he founded CEO Worldwide – and changed the rules of the international executive recruitment game … https://youtu.be/o4XQlQpE6Xs

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Do CEOs Deserve Their Pay?

Written by Manfred Kets de Vries, INSEAD Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development & Organisational Change |

It’s been a hot topic this week in some networks: Do CEOs Deserve Their Pay? What do you think? Excellent background info from INSEAD Knowledge to join the discussion: https://knowledge.insead.edu/blog/insead-blog/do-ceos-deserve-their-pay-8351#comment-15596

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How Attention From Top Managers Impacts Innovation

Buying or licensing outside knowledge is getting more and more popular. But what happens with the licensed knowledge? How can it be integrated in the workflow of the company ?  Do you operate with outside knowledge to have an important impact on innovation? Then please share your experience.

Read More at https://knowledge.insead.edu/strategy/how-attention-from-top-managers-impacts-innovation-7801

How do you successfully implement change?

Talking about change, most managers talk about the process. But there is another element, claims Neil, a renowned top manager and change specialist. An element that is often neglected, but vital to succeed. How do you successfully implement change?

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Shaping future success – Is Interim Management the answer?

The question may sound provocative, but is it really? The fact that the way we work will change dramatically has been accepted widely. But how will this change affect each of us?


Looking for a new top executive challenge?

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What will be the role of an Interim Manager in the future?

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of the monetization of society, the pressing environmental issues (1) and the digital transformation (2) that affects all fields. The functioning of organizations is inevitably impacted by these changes, as well as the way we work and therefore the role of an Interim Manager. But how?

A prospective study (3) presented in the article “The Future of Work” in the Futuribles Magazine of September 2017 (HÉRY Michel, LEVERT Catherine, « L’avenir du travail. L’impact des technologies sur l’emploi et sa pénibilité », Futuribles, n° 420, septembre-octobre 2017, p.5-18. ) postulates 5 assumptions regarding the evolution of society and their impact on the way we work (4). I have taken some excerpts from this study, marked “in quotation marks and italics” and supplemented them with other sources and my own managerial experience to present you 5 assumptions of evolution within the context of the work of an interim manager. Continue reading

Should We Fear the Robot Revolution?

Do you fear the impact of AI and robotics on your job or do you rather see the potential long-term advantages of this development?  Interesting read from INSEAD Knowledge…Click Here

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