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Become our iCEO Ambassador

With your support as an iCEO Ambassador we are building a great platform of international executives providing a large number of global c-level job offers for local or international businesses from startups to large public entities across any industry.

Since 2001, we have done our best to capture c-level job offers for the iCEO community and so far, we managed to propose at least one job opportunity to 65% of our iCEOs! This, however, is not enough! The number of iCEOs has grown significantly and is now over 24,900 vetted executives, covering 183 countries and speaking 84 languages. We are committed to a goal where every iCEO will receive at least one job offer using our platform.

With our commitment in mind, we would like to propose a mutually beneficial cooperation between you and us:

We are ready to share our closing fees equally with you for any c-level job offer you redirect to us and which will be filled by another iCEO. (50% of our fixed fees specific by region – see our executive recruitment and interim management fees)

Can you imagine the number of international opportunities sourced collectively from all the iCEO Ambassadors, while generating a significant source of revenue for each participating iCEO? We will continue to leverage the global success of the iCEO community. With your involvement, we can secure a lifetime of professional executive job sourcing.

Together, let's build up the next generation of worldwide executive recruitment.

To register for the iCEO Ambassador program, click the link below to download the agreement, fill it in and mail it back to:

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Professional Matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

Contractual Flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our vetted executives for a permanent position.

Competitive Fees

Click here to access our pricing model in full transparency. No exclusivity. 6-month guarantee period.