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Selection of our iCEO Expert Papers

The selection of our iCEO expert papers gives you a first insight into the level of experience, competence and business knowledge of our vetted international executives. Subscribe to our blog and newsletter to receive the latest iCEO expert papers published on a regular basis.

CEO Papers

This crisis can be an opportunity for HR Directors to give more space and weight to “H” as Humanity

Author: Viviane Strickfaden, CEO, France, iCEO #62099

The current crisis is causing heckling among staff in companies. First, there are all the employees who make it their duty to ensure their activity, even with fear in their stomachs. The fear of getting sick, the fear of infecting their loved ones. Employees are very often `forgotten` because their job seems so secondary at a time of intellectual serviceshttps://www.ceo-worldwide.com/blog/crisis-an-opportunity-for-hr-directors-to-give-more-weight-to-humanity/ Read more...

HR Papers

HR: Useless people and pain in your neck? Prompt the change!

Author: Michèle Bedouet, VPHR, France, iCEO #48299

In your company, HR people are (almost) useless! It is true! HR are a cost center: you have to pay the members of the team and to allocate them offices and equipment. HR are a pain in your neck!There too, it is true! HR think of applying the law and the best practice and they ask you to fill in dozens of formal documents. The survey named “Radioscopie of HR” led in 2016 by Cegos, the international leader in training, underlines the growing weight of the administrative and law constraints. Read more...

Sales & Marketing Papers

Stop Writing Press Releases. Start Writing News Releases

Author: Philip Yaffe, VPSM, Belgium, iCEO #32896

"Stop writing Press Releases. Start writing News Releases!" from Philip Yaffe gives a completely new approach to writing a press release - excuse: a NEWS release. Philip Yaffe is a former reporter/feature writer with The Wall Street Journal and a marketing communication consultant. He recently published the book:" In the “I” of the Storm: the Simple Secrets of Writing & Speaking (Almost) like A professional". Read more...

White Papers

Wargaming for CIOs

Author: Nitin Kumar, CEO, USA, iCEO #44080

Business Wargaming is an adaptation of the art of simulating moves and counter-moves in a commercial setting. Unlike military war games, or fantasy war games which go back hundreds of years to the days of Prussia and H.G. Wells, business war games are a relatively recent development, but they are growing rapidly. The time has come for CIO organizations to adopt this technique in order to stay ahead of their challenges. Read more...

Case Studies

Implementation of an Client Information System

Author: Turgut Haspolat, Executive Investor, Turkey, iCEO #43917

Turgut shows how he developped and implemented an Client Information System for a large EU funded project to support the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa as Major In-Migrant Destinations. He shows how the use of CIS enables the stakeholders of major projects to keep well informed and Read more...

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