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iCEO Success Stories

Selected Success Stories of Our Vetted Executives and Interim Managers

In this section, our international executives and interim managers publish their success stories to share their expert business knowledge with you. The selection of success stories (downloadable as PDF free of charge) written by our executives and interim managers gives you a first insight into the level of experience and competence of our vetted iCEOs and how CEO Worldwide has become one of the world’s best executive recruitment agencies. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest success stories published by our international executives and interim managers on a regular basis.

Executive 64286

Transformational leadership - New Projects/Mergers/Demergers/Restructuring

Author: Asha Sampath, CEO, India, iCEO #64286

This is the story of a challenging restructuring excercise in a time of crisis: Originally owned by a British Corporation who were into multiple sectors, several of them Cash cows, the company changed hands to a European Private Equity fund, supported by Management buyout stakeholders of multiple nationalities. Consequently priorities shifted from a long term customer centric goal to a relatively short term financial goal that was an offshoot of the exit strategy. Read more...

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Executive 11536

Inductive Components Production

Author: Anton Veselovsky, CEO, Slovakia, iCEO #11536

The new production line of a multinational in North of Slovakia was over 50% less efficient than its Asian sister plants.The technological and social subsystems needed to be analysed and improved, with new processes, standards and methods put into place. The efficiency of the plant increased significantly within a few months. Read more...

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Executive 23033

Turnaround of an international player in the FMCG industry

Author: Michael Kahn, Business Development Director, Hong Kong, iCEO #23033

Former CEO and President of companies in USA and UK, Mr. Michael Kahn’s career is a testament to the pursuit of globalization. An accomplished multinational business development, turnaround, and operational leader, Michael is best known for his success in identifying and developing innovative, niche markets for the Consumer Packaged Goods, food, health, wellness, beauty, and personal care products industries. Read more...

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