Online Video Studio

Welcome to the CEO Worldwide Video Studio, which we developed for our iCEO certified executives to guarantee speed and extreme simplicity, when recording business related video communications.

For a limited time only, we have opened the use of this studio to the public - free of charge and no strings attached.
Why are we doing this?

Because we have been pioneers in our industry since 2001. Video is the next level of communication in business. We think this is great, and our way to support this development is to show you how simple it is to use.

Thus - get your activation link for the studio now and record your own video to push your career or project or private event. Test it! And be part of the vi-com future!

Activate your free video studio access

Free of charge, full privacy guaranteed, All-in one technology (conversion, compression, recording, uploading), fast and easy webcam recording, high resolution, multiple formats and user friendly.

If you are not an executive: Have fun with this tool and make sure, you save your video ONTO YOUR DESKTOP – at the end, just right click in the screen and choose “safe as”. Do not click on publish video, as it will then be published via the CEO Worldwide channel.

If you are an executive and not a certified iCEO yet, but wish to join the CEO Worldwide pool of candidates: Please follow the step by step guide and send us your iCEO candidate application (either afterwards or before):

If you are an iCEO certified executive: Please follow the step by step guide to record or upload your CV or business case video.

Contact us if any questions:

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Video Studio Activation

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