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Press Release: Italy, a further step in CEO Worldwide’s international development


Patrick Mataix, founder of CEO Worldwide ­ a company exclusively dedicated to management on demand for high-tech and bio-tech companies - has nominated Marco Martemucci as partner of CEO Worldwide in Italy. Marco's key assignment is to bid the "CEO Worldwide Cross Borders" solution to the Italian high-tech and bio-tech start-ups as well as VCs.


Marco Martemucci has been nominated partner of CEO Worldwide in Italy.

After graduating in business administration at Bocconi University in Milano, Marco has gained his professional track record in an international business environment, being resident in several European countries and travelling extensively around the world, following different business opportunities. Recently, he has acomplished his academic background with post-graduated executive education at INSEAD.

Prior to joining CEO Worldwide, Marco was General Manager with Sony Electronics headquarters in Italy. Within Sony he held different positions at senior managerial level, ranging from Finance to Business Development and Business process.

Among others, he has been responsible to restructure the European operations, with focus on supply chain optimization, implementing an efficient supply chain stream from factories around the world to sales companies in Europe.

Before Sony, Marco has been working with Allied Signal, Kraft General Food, Philip Morris and Ernst & Young, always working in an international and dynamic context and covering different positions with a growing range of responsibilities.

Marco has also been founder and managing director of a couple of successful business initiatives in Italy in which he currently covers the role of non-executive director.


Thanks to his partnership with CEO Worldwide, Marco Martemucci is able to offer a tailored solution, called "Management on Demand", bespoke to the requirements of the Italian start-ups in the high- tech and bio tech fields, willing to set up or develop their business in Europe, the United States or in Asia, while keeping the investments and the risks down. The manager on demand, selected among the 850 listed top managers, is available within a few days to start his mission in the targeted country for a renewable period of 6 months. The starting cost of a mission is 10 K Euros per month. Moreover, there is no additional cost in case of contract interruption or cancellation, and there is only a 7 days notice. In addition the client company has the opportunity to employ, on a permanent basis, the manager on demand at the end of the mission.

In each country, CEO Worldwide picks up its partners for their capacity to develop a market on their domestic scene. Like Marco Martemucci, they all have gained at least15 years experience, and are able to understand and manage the cultural, corporate, legal and fiscal features of the targeted country.

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