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Press Release: Hiring an Executive Search Agency

Hiring an Executive Search Agency: Things to Know

Hiring top executives who can both manage and lead the organization effectively is a major challenge. When a firm makes vital senior level appointments, the risks are high. For such top-level roles, the basic salary is normally more than $150,000. Moreover, an organization will be looking for the most suitable candidate who meets all requirements in terms of educational qualification and experience, is the right fit for the role, and will be committed to the organization for a significant time period. Since the overall success of the organization largely depends on the top executive such as CEO or General Manager, the selection process has to be remarkably rigorous and time-consuming.

Often, organizations are not ready to undergo a meticulous executive search and recruitment process, since the stakes are extremely high. In such a scenario, hiring a professional executive search firm happens to be the best bet for the organization. Such firms specialize in hiring professionals for top- level positions and are experienced in effectively handling the issues arising from recruiting executives at this level. For instance, the pool of candidates for such top-level positions is generally limited due to several factors, such as, high level of educational qualification, top-grade experience required. Moreover, they are regarded as the "cream" of the organization and, very rarely, companies let go such professionals. However, an international executive recruitment company has the expertise to pool the best candidates and recruit them in top-level positions across different organizations.

Benefits of Executive Recruiters

Most organizations prefer recruiting top-level executives through the internal selection process, considering board members, personal networks, employee references, and current personnel. However, there are several benefits of hiring an executive recruitment firm when you are looking for a new top- level executive who can both manage and lead the organization more effectively. This is especially true when the organization is facing unexpected and new challenges, and rapid growth. Discussed here are the key benefits of hiring executive recruiter.

Extensive outreach: ­ When you are looking for highly competent top executives, there is no substitute for an executive recruiter, which performs extensive outreach to the pool most qualified and experienced talent for your organization. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to pool top-level executives due to limited availability. Existing employers are generally not ready to lose their top leaders and as such, pamper them with best of perks and benefits. In such a scenario, often the most qualified professionals are gainfully pooled; they may not necessarily be looking for a change. Executive search firms will bring the passive candidates into discussion and transform them into better qualified, potential candidates as unlike any other recruiting process.

Confidentiality and Objectivity: ­ These are two most important things that internal executive search will not guarantee you. Since a search firm is a third party, there is no risk of qualms arising with regard to a potential candidate. The objective of a search agency is also beneficial while conducting a reference check on a candidate. Most organizations demand absolute confidentiality for avoiding publicizing a senior management role. In such a scenario, an executive recruitment firm possesses the ability to conduct extensive research and recruit candidates without even sharing the name of the organization.

Vast expertise ­ professional search agencies such as CEO Worldwide harness effective resume screening tools and posses vast interview expertise that helps in streamlining the recruitment process. They have experience and knowledge in sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting top level executives, while narrowing down the process so that organizations don't lose sight of its core objectives due to extensive search.

Hire Executives Internationally: ­ With executive recruitment companies, organizations can hire internationally for top level positions. The firms have extensive outreach and have experience in pooling candidates globally for the role. Thus, international executive recruitment is one of the key services offered by top-notch executive recruitment firms today.

Important Things to Consider

Professional executive search firms have expert career recruiters, with vast experience in recruiting for high-level positions. However, before you hire, consider these important factors as mentioned herewith:

Role of the search firm ­ Typically, a search firm has the expertise to identify qualifications and responsibilities that are necessary for a given job position. Make sure that the firm has the knowledge and experience in assessing the qualifications of a potential candidate against the requirements of the position to determine how his/her experience, skill set and personality would help in building mutually-beneficial relationship with the company. Furthermore, the firm should be able to help your organization communicate and negotiate with the most qualified candidates.

Interim Management ­ For recruiting top level executives in a more flexible manner, many organizations look for hiring interim managers. Check whether the executive recruitment agency offer interim management services, offering top executive recruitment in the most flexible form. Moreover, the firm should be able to handle all administrative issues pertaining to the placement of interim manager. At the same time, the firm should ensure speed, objectivity, experience, commitment, and accountability while recruiting a senior manager on a temporary basis for an organization.

Reputation and Experience ­ Hire only an experienced and reputable executive search firm that has vast knowledge and expertise in the field of sourcing and recruiting top executives and CEO's for different organizations. Check their track record before you proceed.

Hiring a top executive recruitment and interim management firm certainly ensures a good value for your money, providing the best talent pool for senior-level positions in your organization.

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