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iCEO Success Stories

In this section, our international executives and interim managers publish their success stories to share their expert business knowledge with you

Selected success stories of our executives and interim managers

The selection of success stories (downloadable as PDF free of charge) written by our executives and interim managers gives you a first insight into the level of experience and competence of our certified iCEOs and how CEO Worldwide has become one of the world’s best executive recruitment agencies.

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Transformational leadership - New Projects/Mergers/Demergers/Restructuring

Author : , CEO, India based, iCEO #64286

This is the story of a challenging restructuring excercise in a time of crisis: Originally owned by a British Corporation who were into multiple sectors, several of them Cash cows, the company changed hands to a European Private Equity fund, supported by Management buyout stakeholders of multiple nationalities. Consequently priorities shifted from a long term customer centric goal to a relatively short term financial goal that was an offshoot of the exit strategy.

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Busines Turnaround Case Study - Manufacturing Company

Author : , COO/Managing Director, UK based, iCEO #33207

• Business was unprofitable, cash negative and losing customers. Management in conflict & demoralised.

• Customers were very unhappy and were reducing orders and changing suppliers.

• The manufacturing process consisted of extrusion and thermoforming, i.e. a linked batch operation.

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Complex and Fast Turnaround

Author : , CEO, Hong Kong based, iCEO #65040

Revitalised the company , successful Due Diligence, acquired a start up and established a Joint Venture with a fortune 500 all within 12 months followed from fast growth, global expansion and acquired within 3 years.

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Indian Success Story

Author : , Executive Consultant, India based, iCEO #60839

In line with the focus on India of this Newsletter we share this months the Success Story of our Indian iCEO Sunil Kankal. Sunil Kankal has 23 years Global Experience in ICT domain to align great ideas into action. He advanced from Manager, Head Technology, Director IT to Leadership positions. Furthermore he has practical exposure in Gap analysis, Team management (Change/Conflict/Capacity) and Vendor Governance.

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How to rescue a failing start up

Author : , CEO, USA based, iCEO #53341

Steven Lund tells in this success story how he turned around a failing start up company and brought it to a successful exit - read yourself how he achieved this...

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Acquiring XYZ or how to acquire a company with its own money

Author : , CEO, France based, iCEO #60832

Patrice Suncic tells in this success story how he aquired a company using the companies own resources - read yourself how he achieved this...

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Turnaround of a SMB company close to insolvency

Author : , COO/Managing Director, France based, iCEO #35192

A SMB company acting in ophtalmic lenses had to face a critical situation: -Lack of cash, increasing delays for paying the suppliers -Sales volume decrease -Frequent delays in products deliveries -High level scrap rate (14 %) -Lack of manufacturing space Read how Jean-Luc Hauser managed to turn around the situation

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From bench-top drug candidate synthesis to the clinic in 240 days

Author : , CTO/Chief Technical Officer, USA based, iCEO #19891

I was invited to serve in the contracted capacity of Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations for the "virtual" pharmaceutical development firm, AlgoRx, Inc (Fremont, CA, Secaucus, NJ).AlgoRx had completed Series A: $10MM, and Series B: $25 MM funding. In this role, I built a cross-functional team, hired, and managed Regulatory, R&D, and Quality employees on both East and West US coasts...

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Importance of a brand image

Author : , CEO, France based, iCEO #34272

Successful implementation of a Fast Food Chain in Moscow and St. Petersbourg (Hot dogs, pizza / meat), mobile, semi mobile and fix sites for meat and processed meat, as well as a restaurant chain.

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Destined for closure turned into EXIT

Author : , Business Development Director, Israel based, iCEO #41395

The company I consulted was in the business of passive components - supercapacitor small size flat. The passive components business is dominated by large companies. At the time of EXIT the company had no backlog and no production capacity.

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A Polish Success Story

Author : , CEO, Cyprus based, iCEO #15146

‘Objective – Turnaround and Sell’ The company had achieved remarkable growth in its first 10 years – on the surface it looked good, with a new large factory just opened and well equipped in the capital-intensive industry that Print is. The then institutional owners asked me in to provide them with a consultancy report based on my previous extensive Print Industry background.

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How can a MNC manage to sustain growth in China?

Author : , Sales & Marketing Director, Hong Kong based, iCEO #35377

When I entered my current company, I faced two major problems when I took up the China business. Firstly, at that time we did not have our own facility in China and our business was mainly relied on two major distributors. Unfortunately they were not cooperating smoothly and always complaining with each other instead of putting effort in business development.

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A ‘New Age’ Business – from Concept to Successful Operation

Author : , CEO, Ireland based, iCEO #44221

Gerry Killen an experienced and very focussed CEO with a proven track record in growing businesses in several different industries. His significant track record in international business positions him well for his next managerial challenge.

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Turnaround of an international player in the FMCG industry

Author : , Business Development Director, Hong Kong based, iCEO #23033

Former CEO and President of companies in USA and UK, Mr. Michael Kahn’s career is a testament to the pursuit of globalization. An accomplished multinational business development, turnaround, and operational leader, Michael is best known for his success in identifying and developing innovative, niche markets for the Consumer Packaged Goods, food, health, wellness, beauty, and personal care products industries.

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Succès d’une entreprise étrangère dans la pénétration du secteur financier en Amérique Latine

Author : , CEO, Chile based, iCEO #29739

Louis des Cars était PDG de Coface Chili. Il a étudié l'Économie, la Finance et le Droit des Affaires à Paris et obtenu un MPSA de l'Insead. Louis des Cars est très expérimenté dans la création et le développement de sociétés à forte rentabilité. Il était administrateur de deux fonds de capitaux privés.

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Fix it or close it

Author : , COO/Managing Director, Italy based, iCEO #22188

John Lenarduzzi was called to a heavy loss making subsidiary of a UK manufacturer of industrial equipment to look at its potential with a clear mandate: "Fix it or close it". Read how John tackled the difficult situation and it into a real success.

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Succession and restructuring of a family business

Author : , CEO, Austria based, iCEO #24214

Family businesses account for over 80 % of businesses in nearly all western companies and come in all different sizes, structures and problems. When the founder retires or dies, and it is time for the next generation to take over the FB, it can be really difficult for his successor to adjust and take all the necessary decisions to successfully develop the FB. Here is a particularly edifying case study, in which a son succeeds to an omnipresent father, and fails to take the right strategic decisions, for the sake of his father’s memory. See how the turnaround manager handled the crisis and managed to get the FB back on track successfully.

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Transition management in the Emirates

Author : , CEO, France based, iCEO #17517

The leading manager of a building site had to return home due to illness; the modernisation of a production unit, ensuring the least possible interruption of the production process is in jeopardy: delays accumulate, important decisions are put on ice. At the the supplier, an international Group, there is no manager available: an interim manager is called in.

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Preparing a pan-European IT Group for a valuable exit

Author : , COO/Managing Director, France based, iCEO #15052

In 2001, at the end of the Internet bubble, the Group had previously benefited from large uncontrolled cash injections from its major shareholder (a private equity fund) without results. Unfortunately, cash injections could no longer continue, and the situation was becoming critical. As the Group was detaining real know-how and valuable assets, the only possible solution was to reorganize the Group, to increase its value by repositioning it on the market, and to prepare a good exit.

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A joint venture offered the opportunity to increase the business volume and to strengthen the market position in an export market

Author : , CEO, Switzerland based, iCEO #11610

The analysis of the poor performance of an agent selling European products in South East Asia brought some major obstacles regarding market and cultural diversity to light. The solution, a European-Asian joint venture adressing the various problems needed to be set up with a lot of diplomacy, knowledge and persistence.

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Turnaround a multinational organisation active in 100 countries

Author : , CEO, Belgium based, iCEO #11255

The multinational organisation active in 100 countries was delivering the reliable traditional barcode solution every shopper knows. While the best business books authors agree on 2 things: a) to succeed, a company must have an helicopter view on what it is doing and b) to survive, a company must have a Strategic Planning process that forces a constant business transformation process. In fact, in 2001, the organisation had none of the two.

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Inductive Components Production

Author : , CEO, Slovakia based, iCEO #11536

The new production line of a multinational in North of Slovakia was over 50% less efficient than its Asian sister plants.The technological and social subsystems needed to be analysed and improved, with new processes, standards and methods put into place. The efficiency of the plant increased significantly within a few months.

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How to successfully initiate a new division – from concept to fruition

Author : , CEO, Australia based, iCEO #11369

A company decides to increase its business lines with a complementary service, but the implementation of this new division - an internet security service- has to be done without using the existing corporate structure.

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Restructure the sales operations after an acquisition

Author : , Sales & Marketing Director, France based, iCEO #9393

Hummingbird used to be a very successful company in the area of connectivity software. In the 90’s the company made a few acquisitions in different business areas to expand its offering. The company decided to merge all businesses to provide one relationship with customers, assuming that they would prefer to have one supplier for all their requirements rather than having various companies to deal with.

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From Post-Doctoral Student to Startup CEO : Helping out New Talent Take the Business Plunge

Author : , Business Development Director, USA based, iCEO #7980

An example of a full blood academic starting her own business with help from an experienced professional whose specialisation is expansion into new greenfield territories.

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