Improve sales performance

Customers are now smarter at buying than the salesmen are at selling. Tips for Improve sales performance

by Ray Cote
You may have read one or more of the thousands of books currently available on how to improve sales performance.
With so many books advising on how to be great at sales, you may be forgiven for wondering why there are so few talented salespeople out there.
You see, the thing is, in the last 40 years there have been no significant advances in sales techniques. Virtually all were built on a foundation E.K. Strong laid down in 1925. Any “new way” of selling can be mapped to one of 4 approaches that were first promulgated in the 1960’s. Procurement methods have changed – but selling methods have stood still. If a company is not hitting its sales targets it may be due to one or more of the following problems: 
Most Salespeople have had little formal training 
In a survey of our clients we found that most salespeople have had less than 4 days formal training in the profession of selling. Less than 2% of
salespeople had been on a structured sales training programme that the likes of IBM and Xerox once ran.
Most companies don’t have a formal Sales process
Almost any sales process is better than none, but most salespeople are not required to follow any process at all. Only 12% of companies have a formal
sales process.
Patrick Mataix

In 2001 Patrick Mataix founded CEO Worldwide Ltd ( International Management on Demand™) after a career of more than 25 years in the technology sector in Europe and the USA.

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