6 Useful Communication Skills for Executives 

Every leader is faced with a lot of adversity and any skills that might help out in making the best out of situation might come in handy. In this article we will focus on communication skills for any leader or executive to improve that side of the job.  The ability to convey ideas, inspire teams, … Read more

What Makes a Good and Successful CEO? Best Traits, Personality, Leadership Style, and More

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Are you looking for a CEO for your business? Do you want to know which qualities make a CEO better capable for the position? The responsibilities of a CEO are many, and you will have to look for the best traits to find a suitable and skilled executive for your company. A CEO needs to … Read more

The Way to Exit the Crisis Through An Interim Management Mission

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After the fast departure of a leader from a subsidiary with 1000 people of a large group, this interim management mission is to support the group’s interim general manager, to implement my methodology of taking a position in the interim management of general direction and aiming at giving to teams dynamism again, to make proposals … Read more

New Supervisor Rules & Guidelines: How to Be a Better Supervisor at Work

The raise is nice, you feel the same, co-workers congratulated you, maybe there were a few speeches and a cake and coffee. Now they are all waiting. You feel a bit anxious. What does being a new supervisor or a manager really entail? What just changed? What are you going to say? How are you … Read more

Leadership for Your Success

These basic competencies are considered vital for effective leadership: A leader must be able to look unflinchingly at the realities of the organisation and marketplace. To “interrogate reality,” a leader should ask: The leader’s vision must be both feasible and far-reaching. CEOs should build a vision by expanding their intellectual horizons. Get out of the … Read more

Restructuring in the case of heavy loss-generating business units

CEO Worldwide offers companies the experience of seasoned top managers who have a successful track record in the carrying out of several restructuring programs for heavy loss-generating business entities. And in this field, like in a number of others, experience is a (probably even the) major success factor. No one wants to talk about it, … Read more

How To Manage Major A Company Transformation

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Do you (or will you) have to manage a major company transformation? Written by Tim Thexton As interim managers, especially senior managers and directors we are most frequently called in at times of major change – for example a major company transformation. As such, titling ourselves change managers, we are the harbingers of that inevitable … Read more