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CEO Worldwide announces new ‘direct contact’ approach for freelance executives

Executive recruitment company CEO Worldwide, a Forbes’ Top 250 Recruiter, has launched a new contact model for its 12,500+ iCEO™ certified freelance executives (interim managers, executive consultants and executive coaches.)

Now offering a ‘direct contact’ approach, which enables these candidates to include their contact details alongside their personal profiles, the business hopes to encourage conversation between candidates and potential employers and remove barriers to employment.

There are two options available for freelance executives, interim managers, executive consultants, coaches and trainers; the first, for 120 USD per year, which allows candidates to publish their email address and telephone number on the CEO Worldwide website alongside their iCEO profiles, and a second, for 240 USD per year, which also includes promotion of a candidate’s profile video and proactive promotion across CEO Worldwide’s social media channels. Continue reading

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Top 250 Recruiting firms by Forbes

In 2018 CEO Worldwide has been nominated as one of the Top 250 Recruiting firms by Forbes. Now CEO Worldwide went one step further, setting up this new service: Female Executive Search, dedicated to connecting women leaders to businesses. https://www.forbes.com/best-executive-recruiting-firms/list/#tab:overall

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10 Tips for a Successful Turnaround

A turnaround success history written by Mike Mastroyiannis

Revitalised the company , successful Due Diligence, acquired a start-up and established a Joint Venture with a fortune 500 all within 12 months followed from fast growth , global expansion and acquired within 3 years.
Company: Medium Size , 5 years in B to B business , offices in 7 countries (Hong Kong ( Headquarters) , USA , 4 EU countries , Japan ) , selling in approx. 15 countries through partners and company present across the whole value chain from Product/systems planning, design, manufacturing (outsourced) to marketing and sales with partners.
Industry: Renewables – Lighting Solutions
Job: Hired as Global Managing Director to Turnaround the company with 2 years contract and the founder kept the CEO title with focus on Business Development.
How Hired: I had met the founder and CEO in a conference 3 years ago and after 2 failed turnaround attempts he approached me and asked me if I could help. Continue reading

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CEO Worldwide interview

Synchronised headhunting with CEO Worldwide

In our increasingly globalised world, outdated timeframes and inflexible working patterns are on the way out. Today, companies need worldly, adaptable executives without going through long recruitment processes.
Cylex 1. What is CEO Worldwide and what is its purpose?
CEO Worldwide: Patrick Mataix, co­founder and former COO of Vistaprint, sees himself as an entrepreneur, not an HR person. Together with fellow INSEAD graduate Robert Keane, he built Vistaprint into the NASDAQ­listed entity it is today. However, Mataix’s experience of management wasn’t without problems, the worst being the process of finding and recruiting relevant executive talent.Now the founder and CEO of executive search firm CEO Worldwide, Mataix found the same problem everywhere he operated. He needed somebody very quickly, and the top international headhunters couldn’t provide this service.When he left Vistaprint, therefore, Mataix set out to create an executive search platform that gave companies access to relevant executives in a reactive and flexible way. 13 years later, CEO Worldwide team have certified an exclusive pool of over 14,000 international top executives, covering 178 countries and 84 languages, ready to be matched for relevant interim management assignments or permanent positions matching their professional expectations. Continue reading

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CFO job opportunity – USA

Job offer – CFO – USA – High Tech sectors

One of client is looking for a CFO to be located in USA (East Coast). Should you be interest in learning more and apply, please go to CEO Worldwide website: Click here for more details on this job opportunity

The international recruitment agency CEO Worldwide executive consulting firm invites you to join its pool of top executives, interim managers, international consultants and executive investors.

Register as iCEO™      https://www.ceo-worldwide.com/interim-manager-registration.php

Our unique international top executive consulting recruitment solution is focusing on reactivity and flexibility. Unlike traditional headhunters our 14,019 international top executives’ pool allows us to provide our clients with extreme reactivity in almost any type of assignment, function, sector and country. To join our executive consulting pool of certified top executives and interim managers, simply submit your CV now, it’s free. Continue reading

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Find the Right CEO

How to Find the Right CEO – Infographic

Finding the right top executive, interim manager, or CEO can be difficult. Our database of certified top executives enables us to find the right CEO for almost any task – fast, flexible and with no risk for you.

View and share our infographic on how to find the right CEO anytime!

About CEO Worldwide

A winning team with a new approach to top executive recruitment

The business – a revolutionary new approach to top executive recruitment

CEO Worldwide, founded 2001 in France by Patrick Mataix offers Management on Demand™, the one stop shopping service forinterim managers or permanent recruitment of top executivesworldwide, a unique blend of interim management and top executive search dedicated to supporting the globalization of businesses.

Featuring a high level of flexibility and reactivity, Management on Demand™ is perfectly tailored to the modern day constraints on most companies, using certified local competence to minimize the indirect hiring cost while accelerating the operational return. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Hiring the “A” Team

Hiring the “A” Team: The Right Ingredients for Recruiting Success

Written by Chris Chambers

There’s no doubt that the well-established race for talent will continue to intensify. Shifting demographics are significantly impacting the composition of the talent pool, to the harsh extent that some companies are even leaving positions unfilled because they cannot locate the “perfect fit” candidates. Yet, in this global economy where the most critical competitive differentiators are derived from a higher performing workforce, this approach simply isn’t viable. Continue reading

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Top Executive Search Engine

International Top Executives E-Platform: Top Executive Search Engine Continue reading

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Interim Manager Success Story: Rescue Start-Up

How to Rescue a Failing Start-Up – an Interim Manager Success Story

A success story from our iCEO Steven Lund, Interim Manager

Steven Lund tells in this success story how he turned around a failing start-up company and brought it to a successful exit being hired as an interim manager.


Company: You Take Control
Market: Privacy
Industry: Health Care
Position held: Interim CEO
Responsibilities: Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Service, Support, Business Development
How hired: I met the founder at a conference and he hired me to come in to grow the company
Company status when started: Burned thru $300K with no product, no partnerships, no channels for distribution and no cash to run the company. Continue reading

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Top Executive Recruitment – Testimonial

Executive Search and Executive Recruitment by CEO Wolrdwide

“After over 20 years at the head of our Malaysian subsidiary (the company has 100 staff with a TO of $ 10m and serves the producers of palm oil – plantations and refineries – via its six offices countrywide), we had to replace our General Director, who took his pension. We asked a local recruitment agency to find a replacement but were not satisfied with the results. That’s why we asked the international recruitment agency CEO Worldwide, with whom we previously successfully worked on the recruitment of a General Director in India. Continue reading

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