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Job opportunity: CEO/Plastic Industry/India

We are looking for a CEO for an India based company which manufactures and sells plastic equipment.

Assignment: As leader of the executive team, the Chief Executive Officer will assess the business strategy and develop an action plan to lead the company into its next growth phase. The CEO will leverage the Company’s strengths and address its weaknesses to create a strategically sustainable growth platform that is well-prepared to achieve future growth objectives.
Objectives: The CEO oversees all aspects of the business, operations, sales and marketing, procurement, engineering, finance, and all related corporate support functions. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for analyzing current and future business and operational improvement opportunities for the Company, analyzing and setting strategic direction for the organization, aligning the organization’s management team to drive orders, sales and cash flow, and the implementation of best-in-class industrial manufacturing practices. Continue reading

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Merging to Survive!

Written by Colin Thompson

When we get through the present recession (yes, there is still a recession), many printers will be in a stronger position than when they entered it. The question is who will they be, and what are they doing now that puts themselves in that position?

My guess is that right now they have a low debt to equity ratio, they have made and are implementing action plans based on the economic realities, and are adopting strategies that are aimed at making them stronger.

Four types of printers
Based on what I see in the market today, 2015 will see for following four groups of printing businesses.

Group 1   The 10% where the proprietor makes a market wage and the business achieves a 10% or greater net profit.

Group 2   The 50%, where the proprietor will just make a market wage and the business achieves less than 10% net profit.

Group 3   The 25% where the proprietor will make little or no wage, perhaps tipping equity, and the business will achieve breakeven profit.

Group 4   The 15% that will be liquidated or simply close their doors, perhaps after the proprietor has tipped in additional equity.

You may argue the percentages, but I think the groups are accurate enough for most readers to guess which group they may be in upon reflecting on their 2015 calendar year performance

The issue/problem I see now is that many within groups 2-4 are adopting a wait and see approach. They are digging in, trading on, making the best of it. No real action plans, with the market realities either not seen or not acknowledged.

For those I suggest they need to start looking a lot closer at their business, the market, and the customers they serve. And then ask themselves, or perhaps some trusted advisors, is their business capable of getting you at least to a Group 2 business? What needs to happen now to increase the chances of making it happen? And if they cannot see they can get to group 2, what is their motive for staying on in the same business structure?
The merger / alliance option
One of the facts of the Printing industry is that it is capital intensive and generally has a fairly low equipment utilisation rate, underutilised facilities and often inefficiently used labour. So doesn’t it make sense for many printers, especially in these tough economic times, to consider pooling some of their equipment, labour and facilities resources?

Does it not make sense, for at least Groups 2-4, to at least consider ways to get through this together, and perhaps entertain the thought of developing business models that will not only survive, but have a very good chance of becoming a member of Group 1? Note, Group 1 printers are not necessarily high turnover printers, they are spread throughout most categories of printers.

Below is very simplistic example of what could be achieved in a merger:

                     Printer A        Printer B        Merged entity
                    Group 2 or 3       Group 3            Group 1
Turnover             £1,500,000       £2,500,000        £4,000,000
Owner's Wage         £80,000          £25,000           £160,000
Staff                8                15                20
Staff wages          £320,000         £600,000         £800,000

Turnover per head    £187,500     £166,666   £200,000 Continue reading

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Interim Manager, CEO – USA

Extensive experience growing sales and profits worldwide for U.S. and European technology companies

Software Executive with core skills in strategic planning, sales & business development, and global expansion. General Management experience leading sales, marketing, product, support and services organizations globally. Documented record for managing change that transforms companies and drives profits and growth.
Major achievement: CEO of a NASDAQ traded performance management software company later acquired by US private equity firm Thoma Bravo. Led the company to profitability, launched new products, doubled sales in 3 years, and increased shareholder value +75%.
Interim management, and international consulting expert in software sector. Continue reading

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Business expansion

Napoleon’s Big Mistake – and how you can avoid repeating it

Cross border communication has never been as easy and cheap as it is nowadays. In the business world, this opens up fantastic new opportunities, particularly for the Business expansion to new markets – but only if you have the right guide on your side, as top executive and international consultant Waseem Hussain points out in his column

What has Napoleon Bonaparte to do with your success? How can we learn from his mistakes to improve our global business? Read Waseems short but enlightening column and learn how you can avoid this mistake – not only in India but worldwide! Continue reading

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Top Executives New Interactive Map

New interactive map to find the right top executives worldwide

We are launching  today an interactive worldwide map enabled to show to our clients and prospects the exceptional top executives who have been certified iCEOs.
Our new interim management and executive search tools provide the chance of a lifetime for both international corporations and top executives to find the right talent at the right time and price.

Select and click on a specific country to view the  available top executives in that country at a given time: Continue reading

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Case Study: Swiss-Indian Software Development

Swiss-Indian Co-operation in the Area of Offshore Software Development

Written By Waseem Hussain

In the mid 1990s, large corporations in Europe and the USA realized there was a huge lack of skilled software engineers. The need to solve the Y2K problem within a short timeframe, combined with unsuccessful education policies of the respective governments were two of the major causes for the increased demand. In addition, the gaining impetus of globalization produced a common management dogma:
„Speed up at high tech but low cost, and grow along large scales.”

Also Subcom of the erstwhile National Transport Group (NT Group) followed this trend. To quote a senior manager’s public presentation: “The Customer is demanding more, faster and at better prices while Subcom is struggling to recruit specialists in reason- able time to satisfy this demand.” Continue reading

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A Borderless Marketplace for Executives

A borderless marketplace for international top executives, interim managers and executive consultants

Most of us are top executives or consultants (or both). As active executives, we are quite often looking for new people, to recruit them, or to hire them as contractors. As consultants, our daily concern is to find the next mission. As executives “between jobs”, we need ways to present our expertise to companies which may need us.

But we have all experienced how difficult and time consuming it can be, as consultants looking for missions, or as executives looking for jobs, to meet the right people. We use our network, we meet with headhunters, we dissect adds, we prospect companies which have never heard of us. Continue reading

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Top Executive Search Engine

International Top Executives E-Platform: Top Executive Search Engine Continue reading

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Video Cases of Our International Consultants and Interim Managers

Consultants and Interim Managers Share Their Knowledge

Please have a look at the latest feature presented on our webpage: You can now directly access our iCEO Ambassador videos, where our iCEOs share their experiences in international consulting, interim management and business investments.

Open the business case videos page, displaying videos of our interim managers, consultants and investors

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Executive Recruitment Service: New Offices for CEO Worldwide

CEO Worldwide’s International Executive Recruitment Service

Josef David opens office for Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden to offer CEO Worldwide’s international executive recruitment service locally

Recruiting a top executive often takes a long time and to recruit internationally is mostly very difficult and costly. To simplify this task for internationally operating companies, CEO Worldwide developed a fast, flexible and cost sensitive executive recruitment solution which combines interim management with permanent recruitment worldwide… Continue reading

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