Insights – 23 February 2021

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance For Growing Companies Corporate Governance is the system of processes, activities, standards and reporting to facilitate and deliver growth in long term shareholder value by reducing risk while maintaining a flexible, efficient and effective management framework within an entrepreneurial environment… Open Expert File Author: Frank Lewis – CEO – UK “Diversity: Coming Soon” … Read more


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LEADING A BUSINESS THROUGH IPO, EXIT AND BEYOND DECIDING WHETHER TO FLOAT OR NOT? Need to be certain you want to move into a public spotlight that comes with being listed Significant greater rules and regulations as a public company Undergo internal audit to ascertain whether the business is in a position to do so. … Read more

Corporate Governance For Growing Companies

Corporate Governance

1. WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE? 2. Mandatory Corporate Governance Mandatory Corporate Governance for larger Companies has been with us in the UK for some time now. The Cadbury guidelines were introduced in 1992 and have evolved and developed into the UK Corporate Governance Code which must be followed by all premium and … Read more

Role Of The Non-Executive Director (“NED”)

Non-Executive Director

Role Of The Non-Executive Director In Difficult Markets And Economic Uncertainty And What Keeps Him Awake At Night Although we should not be policemen, NEDs need to be more vigilant and clearly understand our fiduciary duties, and need to clearly identify major risks of the company on whose Board we serve.