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Job offer: CTO/Chief Technical Officer

Software/Mobile applications sectors, Morocco/USA

One of our clients is looking to recruit a CTO to oversee the design, development and deployment of its mobile applications.  Should you be interested in having more details and applying for this job opportunity, click here

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Executive Job Offer: CEO/General Manager – IT Technology & Services – France

Our client, a start-up (financially supported by 2 Large Caps) with over €2 million in revenue, is looking for a CEO/General Manager to transform the company, passing from a technical/IT perspective to an industrialized company.

He (She) will manage and develop the activities of business development, commercial, financial and operational activities of the company, with the objective to prioritize the projects related to innovation, improve the productivity of the current projects and at the same time enabling the growth of the structure while ensuring profits. Continue reading

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The security challenges of the Industrial IOT Wireless Networks

by Didier Guiraud – Smart N Secure


This paper will illustrate how important it is to ensure a very high level of security within all the upcoming Industrial IOT Wireless networks. It represents an absolute necessity that requires to be shared and understood at the highest executive levels of the Solution Providers and of all the Industrial Users.

These networks already are and will be more and more characterized by the need to implement bi-directional communications between devices without any human support or any access to any Server and/or Gateway/Data Concentrator Unit. This is setting up a huge difference in term of security architecture versus more traditional point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications, alike the cellular communications that already are very well secured in case of sensitive transmissions or receptions, such as money transfers or cellular phone subscription management. Continue reading

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How global uncertainty drives business?

How global uncertainty drives business, commercial and pricing models?

Written by Rajesh R N

With rising global uncertainties which have emerged over time, fueled by the recession of 2008 came new operating and business models including cloud computing. Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) came in much earlier to that, perhaps due to the previous recession and evolution of technology.

The traditional model of customers having to bear huge upfront cost for implementing large scale transformation programs and subsequent operating costs over time became the not so preferred model. The need for elasticity and opex based models gained further momentum. Conversion of capex based pricing into opex based, where upfront costs are recovered over time on a certain basis such as a per Virtual Machine or per transaction with cost of capital built into could be one theme for large service providers who have the financial ability to do this, withstand, successfully deliver and reap the benefits of being a true transformation partner. Taking this further, a catalog based pricing with options to mix and match offerings is another within this. On top of this simulating across different volumes of transactions or other unit of measurement such as Virtual Machines meant a nightmare for the pricing modelers as well as procurement departments of the customers who need to look into the future and guesstimate the demand to support the service providers in building a model and quote. All this has given rise to something very interesting for the customer. Equally on the other side, customers need to provide some ramp up assurances over time to the service providers with a tight governance model on both sides, in order for the service provider to be able to meet commercial goals while unleashing the transformation. Continue reading

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Outsourcing Projects to India

Outsourcing and offshoring projects to India: “Different Worlds, Different Ways”

Written by Waseem Hussain

It is autumn 2013; we are in the Indian city of Pune. Twenty Indian project managers, business analysts and software engineers have gathered in a training room. They want to learn how they can successfully bring the cooperation with a customer whose team is distributed across Germany and the United States back on track. At the moment, however, every single one of them is frustrated. The global programme, in which they work, is destined for disaster.

Collaboration with that client began last spring with such vigour and enthusiasm. But now everything is just sluggish. The programme manager has already been replaced, and the projects associated with the programme are being rescheduled. Uncertainty adds to frustration. The overall mood is strained, emails are responded to in monosyllables and conference calls are cancelled at short notice. The Indian team members ask: how can the transfer of know-how take place under such conditions? How are we to work cooperatively with the customer at all? Continue reading

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CEO, CTO, Interim Manager – Italy

CEO of 3 high-tech companies with strong business and technical background. GM and CTO with various public companies.
Raised $85M at valuation of $835M and grew startup from 12 people to 225. Grew ATM division to $400M in 2 years, managed over 100 directly and 200 matrixed.
Interim management and international consulting expert in High Technology sector…

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Interim Manager, CEO – Restructuring – UK

Restructuring – International Sales Growth – Software Products

He is a charismatic business leader who builds passionate high performing teams who work with him to achieve challenging sales goals. He makes the complex simple, making average people good and good people great! His teams have called it ‘tough love’ but it means that he gets great productivity out of minimal resources.
Major achievement: Our interim manager has a history of leading global sales and marketing teams within IT security organizations. Top Executive, Interim management and international consulting expert in software and IT sectors. Continue reading

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Case Study: Swiss-Indian Software Development

Swiss-Indian Co-operation in the Area of Offshore Software Development

Written By Waseem Hussain

In the mid 1990s, large corporations in Europe and the USA realized there was a huge lack of skilled software engineers. The need to solve the Y2K problem within a short timeframe, combined with unsuccessful education policies of the respective governments were two of the major causes for the increased demand. In addition, the gaining impetus of globalization produced a common management dogma:
„Speed up at high tech but low cost, and grow along large scales.”

Also Subcom of the erstwhile National Transport Group (NT Group) followed this trend. To quote a senior manager’s public presentation: “The Customer is demanding more, faster and at better prices while Subcom is struggling to recruit specialists in reason- able time to satisfy this demand.” Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Enterprise Applications

Building Enterprise Applications to Withstand Project Failure

The evolution of Cloud Computing and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) has brought about some fundamental changes in IT that is drawing attention to how IT projects are being managed and paid for.

The real goal of software development is the fulfillment and delivery of requirements. Yet, the puzzling reality is that (according to NIST) 70% of the defects in a delivered application are injected during a project’s requirements and design phase, and 60% of those are discovered only during user acceptance testing! At that point, the cost of fixing defects is 20 times higher compared to if the problem were fixed during the design phase… Continue reading

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