How to Organize a Board of Directors

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In the 21st century, competition has never been fiercer, and business is constantly changing. The key to success and longevity is adapting to your industry’s trends, and not just following them. This is what makes modern businesses so successful. One of the best ways to keep your company up to date is by forming a … Read more

Insights – 13 October 2021

Security, Safety, Vigilance and Responses in a Smart City The globalisation of the economies have made people migrate from their home and hearth to their new workplaces across the geographies specially metro cities of the world. This workforce migration has been rapid in last two decades… Open Blog Post ESG Share Buybacks How can share … Read more


It should be clearly noted that in terms of the Companies Act, all Directors, Executive and Non-Executive Directors have a statutory duty to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members as a whole. CHARACTERISTICS OF AN EFFECTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WISHING TO DO AN IPO CHAIRMAN ROLE CEO ROLE ARTICULATING … Read more

Qualities of a Good Chairman

The role of the Chairman has become much higher in profile and the expectations have increased as, quite rightly, stakeholders now expect an engaged, energetic, and involved Chairman who does more than simply manage the corporate governance process. The success of a Chairmanship undoubtedly hinges on the relationship the Chairman has with the chief executive, … Read more

Non Executive Directors: Experience and Good Practice

Non Executive Directors

What is the definition of a Non Executive Director (“NED”)? Michael Grade once famously said: “Non Executive Directors are like bidets – not sure what they are there for, but they add a bit of class!” This is far from the truth. NEDs are working harder than ever. The risk/reward is not what it should … Read more