Mastering the Art of C-Suite Recruitment in the Indian Business Scene

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The beauty and challenge of C-Suite leadership is primarily one – it goes beyond defined Key Performance Indicators with the need for specific transformations in the business ecosystem being constant. However, my point of view is that leadership is a mindset that has the ability with the right kind of Thought Leadership can bring in the … Read more

Insights – 24 November 2021

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et Us Help With Your Next Critical Hire: Our latest testimonial comes from a client in India, who praises our transparency and enthusiasm in helping them to find a CEO.

Who leads whom?

That is the question facing the visitor in India. At the airport, he gets into a taxi and and soon, the cabby starts asking questions. “Where are you from? Is this your first time in India? Which hotel should I take you to?” And later in this inescapable conversation, which is actually more of an … Read more

What is happening in the global world?

China is synonymous with strong and secure economic growth. Indeed, so entrenched is this sentiment that commentators talk of Chinese exceptionalism; i.e.; that the usual rules of economics do not apply. But rules are rules. And there’s concern that China’s rapid build up of credit has left it vulnerable to a sharp slowdown. A very … Read more

Probing the Minds of Elected Women Representatives on Village Councils in India

An interesting paper from Samir Sathe, one of CEO Worldwide vetted C-level candidates This paper aims to probe the minds of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) , the harbingers of change in rural political governance in India. It explores the interrelationships between their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, as well as those of their families, Village … Read more

Transformational Leadership: A Challenging Restructuring Story

Written by Asha Sampath As a CEO of a wholly owned Indian subsidiary having 2 Opcos in India, I spearheaded the company towards –  Consistent top line growth YOY –  Increased customer base 10x –  New product applications for the first time globally –  Multiple due diligence projects –  Effective leadership to combat restructuring challenges –  Implementation of 3 … Read more

Outsourcing and offshoring projects to India: “Different Worlds, Different Ways”

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Outsourcing and offshoring projects: It is autumn; we are in the Indian city of Pune. Twenty Indian project managers, business analysts and software engineers have gathered in a training room. They want to learn how they can successfully bring the cooperation with a customer whose team is distributed across Germany and the United States back … Read more

Negotiating and Mastering the Indian Market

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Some sources have put India on track to be the third largest economy in the world by 2035 (behind only the United States and China). It’s a turbulent ride, sometimes.

How to Succeed With Indian Manufacturing

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3 Things You’ll Need To Succeed With Indian Manufacturing We’ve worked since 1995 to connect Western businesses with the Indian market. Over that timespan (nearly 30 years now) we’ve seen patterns emerge – patterns of success, and patterns of failure. One developing pattern that is easy to see is the rise of Indian manufacturing. Some … Read more