Insights – 18 May 2022

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For 20 Years CEO Worldwide’s Disruptive Recruitment Philosophy Has Provided Executives For Corporates Around The World As the pandemic slowly retreats, it has left countless companies around the world short of talent. CEO Worldwide is busy innovating to help address these challenges – and as the firm celebrates an innovative 20 years, we can reflect … Read more

Insights – 30 October 2021

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How Can We Better Measure The Impact Of Workplace Diversity And Inclusion? One of the mistakes that a lot of companies make is only focusing on Diversity and neglecting Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. A diverse and inclusive company isn’t just focused on talent acquisition. You can hire a diverse team, but if you don’t take … Read more

The Fundamental Nature of Leadership

An Evolutionary Approach Countless publications, the majority of methods used to identify leadership potential and almost all executive training programmes courageously ignore that the phenomenon of leadership has remained remarkably unexplained. Not surprisingly, this bears a truth well beyond distinctive occurrences and across different cultures. The point to be made is: During our evolutionary development, … Read more

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence is a self-paced journey designed to understand what EQ is,why and how, as a Leader in the digital area, developing EQ is the path to a more conscious, mindful and sustainable (efficient) way of being and working. It is a training program with coaching focused on identified pain points. Domains & competencies … Read more