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International Top Executive Video: Euro – CFO – Switzerland

Group CFO with large responsabilities including IT & legal in multinational with broad international footprint with revenues over 1,2 billion euro of which 90% abroad the domestic market.

Check out the full Short Bio of Euro at http://www.ceo-worldwide.com/?rub=partners_club&iman=65718

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Post Acquisition Integration

Alberto Elli looks where the resources are concentrated during the three major temporal blocks of an acquisition

After so many years of being involved in business development, I think one of the most critical moment in an acquisition is the integration phase, when there are great chances to destroy shareholders’ value.

Let’s see where the resources are concentrated during the three major temporal blocks of an acquisition:

1) Strategic intent, target setting and proforma decision to justify the deal price. Great focus from top management, quite unrealistic expectations pushed both from inside (needs for growth) and from outside (bankers driven by fees as a percent of acquisition price). Continue reading

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Job opportunity: M&A Project Director

Job offer: M&A Project Director/Software/France

We are looking for an M&A Project Director for a company operating in the Software/Enterprise Software industry based in France.

Candidate profile’s requirements:

  • Industry sector: Software/Enterprise software solutions
  • Strong M&A experiences in Software/Enterprise Software B2B.
  • Fluent French and English languages.


The M&A Project Director main assignment focus will be to manage the operational integration of a French acquisition under closing.

Duration: 3 months

Start: ASAP

Main business activity: The Company provides enterprise software solutions.

Staff: 300+

 Main shareholders: Private Equity backed up

Should you be interested in this opportunity, we kindly invite you to apply by clicking on the following link:  M&A Project Director job offer   or feel free, please, to kindly forward the job offer link to your relevant network that may find it of interest. Continue reading

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Interim Manager, COO, Managing Director – USA

Companies with global operations in over 40 countries

An experienced top executive as CxO, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to public and private companies with global operations in over 40 countries.
Major achievement: Demonstrated vision, integrity, and sound business judgment to CxOs. With excellent communication skills, he managed complex strategic transactions, M&A, contracts, PE, IPO, SEC, Corporate governance, IP & outside counsel management. Developed international market access strategies, domestic & foreign government relations and advocacy. Equally effective at managing departments, formulating marketing strategies, balancing budgets, and implementing cost-saving measures. Interim management, and international consulting expert. Continue reading

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Acquisition – Consulting – Video Case Study

Video Case Study on Acquisition Integration

The following example is a great illustration of a top executive with both outstanding professional expertise and extensive experience in M&A, operations and start-up management.

Our certified iCEO is managing director / CEO of three start-up telecom companies in Pakistan, UK and Philipines with strong M&A, operations and commercial background, who successfuly planned and established a US$ 300m telecom company from business plan to IPO.

Click here to view this executive consulting video on: Consulting – acquisition integration Continue reading

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Top Executive White Paper

Divestitures: Value Capture Through IT Disentanglement


‘…About one third of the M&A transactions executed today has a component of divestitures, yet they never emerge from the shadow of Acquisition literature; finding a chapter or a paragraph amongst the integration discipline. M&A and Divestitures are not symmetric opposites of each other as commonly perceived, but come with a unique set of challenges and require slightly different skills than integration…

Read the complete top executive white paper on M&A and Divestitures Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Acquisition Curse

Avoiding the Acquisition Curse

by Olivier Pujol

Surveys show that, in average, mergers and acquisitions destroy value. Highly publicized successes are not sufficient to compensate for disastrous operations. Yet, it is relatively easy to set the rules of good acquisition practices. M&A professionals know them well, but seem to keep breaking the rules: make acquisitions beyond the scope of their strategy, produce unrealistic business projections to accommodate for sellers exorbitant demands, or fail to implement integration plans.
The mechanisms leading to these repeated mistakes are powerful enough to overcome experience and wisdom. Continue reading

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