Insights – 26 January 2022

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What Makes A Good Chairman? One of the main faults of Chairmen deemed to be ineffective is their failure to comprehend that they are not there to run the business, and that their role is instead to support and guide. In simple terms, the job of the Chairman is to ensure that the business is … Read more


It should be clearly noted that in terms of the Companies Act, all Directors, Executive and Non-Executive Directors have a statutory duty to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members as a whole. CHARACTERISTICS OF AN EFFECTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WISHING TO DO AN IPO CHAIRMAN ROLE CEO ROLE ARTICULATING … Read more

Role Of The Non-Executive Director (“NED”)

Role Of The Non-Executive Director In Difficult Markets And Economic Uncertainty And What Keeps Him Awake At Night My definition of a good NED is one that ensures that the business is well run but does not run the business. Qualities which are needed to be a good NED: Good interpersonal skills and ability to … Read more

Qualities of a Good Chairman

The role of the Chairman has become much higher in profile and the expectations have increased as, quite rightly, stakeholders now expect an engaged, energetic, and involved Chairman who does more than simply manage the corporate governance process. The success of a Chairmanship undoubtedly hinges on the relationship the Chairman has with the chief executive, … Read more