How to make the brand turnaround on the first biggest Global Market after US?

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Before we go into the details of the brand turnaround project, I would like to give a short statement about being a women leader: YES, I AM A WOMEN BUT I have always behaved without thinking I am a women. Work place is competitive for all (men and women) and what will make difference is … Read more

10 Tips for a Successful Business Turnaround

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A business turnaround success history Revitalised the company , successful Due Diligence, acquired a start-up and established a Joint Venture with a fortune 500 all within 12 months followed from fast growth , global expansion and acquired within 3 years.Company: Medium Size , 5 years in B to B business , offices in 7 countries … Read more

International Business Relationships: A Success Story

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Introduction to international business relationships This success story describes one experience and two levels of feedback on international business relationships. The experience is my assignment as Executive Vice President for Orascom started 7 years ago. One level is describing a senior management position within an emerging market leader organization. The other is how, on a … Read more

Turnaround of a SMB company close to insolvency

CONTEXT A SMB company acting in ophtalmic lenses had to face a critical situation: Lack of cash, increasing delays for paying the suppliers Sales volume decrease Frequent delays in products deliveries High level scrap rate (14 %) Lack of manufacturing space An equity fund having invested in this company asked to the owner-president to hire … Read more

Interim Management: Turnaround

Interim Management – Life at the Sharp End (Part 3) Turnaround Management, is there a Recipe? Ideally, what you would like to have is sort of a recipe, telling you what your ingredients are, how to stir them and finally at what temperature the oven should be set. Well, I cannot offer you quite that … Read more