Innovative Strategies for Executive Talent Acquisition in India

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Highlighting effective and innovative strategies for acquiring top executive talent in the Indian market by discussing emerging approaches, such as leveraging digital platforms, unconventional sourcing channels, and creative ways to attract and retain the best leaders in India’s competitive business landscape. As per the Economic Times report, leading search firms including Korn Ferry, EMA Partners, … Read more

Essence of innovation in supply chain management

I keep going back to innovation…and I am sure you’ll be wondering, WHY?? It is simply so, because if it wasn’t for innovation, we wouldn’t have progressed thus far,…..for innovation keeps coming back,…..each time in a new avatar, hence for me to talk about innovation is neither stale,…..nor a stale-mate,…..instead it’s a state we are … Read more

The Business Leadership Newsletter – 26.02.2020

Lessons From Tesla’s Approach To Innovation Nathan Furr, strategy professor at INSEAD, looks at Tesla’s multi-pronged strategy for fundamentally changing an entire industry. The core strategy has unique elements at each level of the ecosystem: overturning the core product architecture, positioning Tesla in key bottleneck components, and resolving system-level limitations that slow the adoption of … Read more

Challenges ahead for the European Consumer Goods and Retail Industry

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In the Consumer Goods Markets space, whilst the key issue remains the ongoing power battle between retailers and food & drink manufacturers, the novelty is the booming food price hike and its consequences on many players across the food value chain. The paradox between retail power and supplier ability to pass on increased cost of … Read more

Innovation is brains, toil, fun and sweat

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For 20 years, I have practiced innovation in all sorts of organizations, from the smallest (2 people) to the largest (>100.000). I have seen failure and success, and sometimes, I have participated, to failure and to success. I have studied in detail most of the standard theories and applied several: Blue Ocean, Open Innovation, TRIZ, … Read more

Innovation & International Growth

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Export is nowadays not anymore a “nice to have”, but a necessity for innovative SMEs. It goes through building an international export culture and contracting local executives. The Global Innovation Index 2011 indicates that countries like France and Italy are lagging behind other equivalent countries in terms of innovation. However, these countries demonstrate a capability … Read more

Adding compelling value to business processes

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Business processes: How to reduce cost with Nano technology In times of financial prudence, credit scarcity, retrenchment, solvency risk and everyone demanding more for less, how can business organizations improve their business processes and grow their profits? How can compliancy in best business practice mean reduction in facility costs? Are there still opportunities to do … Read more