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Invest in mid-market buy out opportunities in China only through cross-border strategic investment vehicles that will invest and obtain control simultaneously in local companies located BOTH in China and in North America presenting substantial synergies. Upon completing the M&A exercise, the Western company will contributestate-of-the-art management, processes & systems to the China entity, as well … Read more

What is happening in the global world?

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China is synonymous with strong and secure economic growth. Indeed, so entrenched is this sentiment that commentators talk of Chinese exceptionalism; i.e.; that the usual rules of economics do not apply. But rules are rules. And there’s concern that China’s rapid build up of credit has left it vulnerable to a sharp slowdown. A very … Read more

IPO: Managing the Cultural Gap

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Managing the cultural gap with Chinese companies who want to do an IPO in London I have been working with Chinese Companies for over 5 years and have been Associated with 3 Chinese companies as Chairman or NED that have listed in London (AIM). With the globalisation of world business, China has become an appealing … Read more

International Management – Future Plans

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International Management: A sticky wicket? Some facts about the global economic climate Not a reference to the England cricket team’s difficulties on the subcontinent but a term economists use when inflation is resistant to change. Should we then be overly alarmed to see inflation stuck at 2.7% for three months straight in the UK? Perhaps … Read more

Success Story: Manage Growth in China

How can a MNC manage to sustain growth in China?

How can a MNC manage to sustain growth in China? When I entered my current company, I faced two major problems when I took up the China business. Firstly, at that time we did not have our own facility in China and our business was mainly relied on two major distributors. Unfortunately they were not … Read more