Why Traditional Enterprise Software Sales Fail


A careful balance of “volume” and “value” marketing strategies will help vendors avoid the three classic reasons for unsuccessful sales efforts. Written by: Gad Tobaly, COO, Nastel Technologies, published on Sandhill.com, Business Strategy for Software, Cloud and Mobile Traditional enterprise software sales efforts fail for three reasons: your solution does not meet its market’s needs, … Read more

How to make the brand turnaround on the first biggest Global Market after US?

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Before we go into the details of the brand turnaround project, I would like to give a short statement about being a women leader: YES, I AM A WOMEN BUT I have always behaved without thinking I am a women. Work place is competitive for all (men and women) and what will make difference is … Read more

Why should your customers do business with you?

Why should your customers do business with you?

If you can’t explain why customers should do business with you, how can you expect THEM to know Listen and look closely at advertisements that promote that they are the BEST – HIGHEST RANKED – MOST AWARDED – at something and it always come with the key qualifier. Best “in class,” and most awarded  “in … Read more

How to improve your sales performance

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Tips for improving your sales performance: Customers are now smarter at buying than the salesmen are at selling If you are an executive, you may have read one or more of the thousands of books currently available on how to improve sales performance. With so many books advising on how to be great at sales, you … Read more

4 ways that startup companies spend themselves out of business

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You’ve seen it too many times before – the free-spending startup company which burns through their funds like a cocaine addict on vacation in Columbia. It’s ultimately a sad tale, with great potential often wasted, many jobs lost and multiple lives hurt. But it is sometimes hard to feel sorry for the management teams that … Read more