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Non Executive Director job offer

Non Executive Director/Oil & Gas/UK

Our client operates in the Oil&Gas sector and is looking to recruit a Non Executive Director to play a key role in supporting the company’s growth as a member of the board.

Should you be interested in having more details and/or applying for this assignment, please visit our website at

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What makes a good Chairman?

The qualities and experience needed to be a good Chairman

Written by Frank Lewis

Frank Lewis serves as a Chairman and non-executive director for listed and unlisted companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. He lists the attributes Chairmen should possess:

The role of the Chairman has become much higher in profile and the expectations have increased as, quite rightly, stakeholders now expect an engaged, energetic and involved Chairman who does more than simply manage the corporate governance process.

The success of a Chairmanship undoubtedly hinges on the relationship the Chairman has with the chief executive, a relationship which should be centred on honesty, trust and transparency. The success of this relationship is based on mutual understanding by both parties of the distinction between their two roles. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Non Executive Directors

Non Executive Directors: Experience and Good Practice

by Frank Lewis

Michael Grade once famously said: “NEDs are like bidets –  not sure what they are there for, but they add a bit of class!”

This is far from the truth. NEDs are working harder than ever and the Walker Report has made the job more onerous. Many boards are not tolerant enough of challenge and if someone asks too many questions, they are branded as part of the “awkward squad”. Lord Walker in a recent speech said: “The ability of NEDs to stand up to executive management is more important than the qualifications those directors hold.” While there has been a whole lot of discussion about the need for NEDs with relevant experience, that knowledge is little more than useless if it is not accompanied by a willingness to challenge the executives… Continue reading

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