How can SMEs benefit from international executive search firms

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Executive recruitment is an essential service for SMEs and a lot of responsibility. It’s your task to identify the perfect person to take the role you need to fulfill and lead your company forward. Corporations and businesses increasingly turn to executive search firms for more sustainable and efficient solutions to staffing their human resources. These … Read more

A global crisis that enjoins us to sort to get rid of waste and to create an “after” that respects the Earth and the Human being

As a human being and inhabitant of the Earth, since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been asking myself a question. What is the message that the universe wants to send us? One of the answers seems to me to be: the planet is taking revenge. It is taking revenge on the way we … Read more

How to contract a Business Development Executive

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A recent straw-poll questionnaire highlighted the varying views and general confusion about the role of a Business Development Executive and especially their use to SMEs. This article may help you if you are considering the benefits of a Business Development Executive for your company or if you would like to offer your services in this … Read more

Innovative liquidity solution for SME’s: True business heroes

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Small business owners are the true heroes of any economy Unlike publicly traded firms, private firms have to earn their capital – no public stock issues for them. The injustice is that when small business owners (SBO) try to get their capital out of the business when they exit, they have to compete with publicly … Read more

Innovation & International Growth

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Export is nowadays not anymore a “nice to have”, but a necessity for innovative SMEs. It goes through building an international export culture and contracting local executives. The Global Innovation Index 2011 indicates that countries like France and Italy are lagging behind other equivalent countries in terms of innovation. However, these countries demonstrate a capability … Read more

Consulting on Demand

Consulting on Demand

Towards a new form of consulting? The future of SMEs goes through their ability to develop innovation and international business. This requires from top managers in these companies to be more aggressive and take more risks than ever: new offers, new products, new subsidiaries or acquisitions in foreign countries, new partners… Taking risks is inherent … Read more