6 Useful Communication Skills for Executives 

Every leader is faced with a lot of adversity and any skills that might help out in making the best out of situation might come in handy. In this article we will focus on communication skills for any leader or executive to improve that side of the job.  The ability to convey ideas, inspire teams, … Read more

Hiring the best people

“You can’t send a duck to eagle school” You have to admit,  when you saw the headline of Colin Thompson’s short article. Ducks? Eagles? What’s this to do with business? But you will be simply stunned by the truth behind this kind of funny sentence. What about you? Do you think you can train a duck to become … Read more

Case Study: Swiss-Indian Software Development

Swiss-Indian Co-operation in the Area of Offshore Software Development In the mid 1990s, large corporations in Europe and the USA realized there was a huge lack of skilled software engineers. The need to solve the Y2K problem within a short timeframe, combined with unsuccessful education policies of the respective governments were two of the major … Read more

Hiring the “A” Team

The Right Ingredients for Recruiting Success There’s no doubt that the well-established race for talent will continue to intensify. Shifting demographics are significantly impacting the composition of the talent pool, to the harsh extent that some companies are even leaving positions unfilled because they cannot locate the “perfect fit” candidates. Yet, in this global economy … Read more

How to improve your sales performance

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Tips for improving your sales performance: Customers are now smarter at buying than the salesmen are at selling If you are an executive, you may have read one or more of the thousands of books currently available on how to improve sales performance. With so many books advising on how to be great at sales, you … Read more

Good decisions are not sufficient to avoid bad situations

Consultants with experience and hindsight can help executives make the right decisions and implement them for success “Success is 51% good decisions versus 51% bad decisions”. But actually, when making the “post mortem” analysis of a failure, few business decisions can be singled out as “bad”. Some weaknesses in the decision processes may explain how … Read more

How to avoid CV writing mistakes

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The 15 most common CV writing mistakes – and how to avoid them The same common CV writing mistakes crop up time and time again. Too many jobseekers miss out on their dream job because of a small number of easily avoided blunders. These tips come from a comprehensive analysis of over 2,500 CVs to … Read more

How To Manage Major A Company Transformation

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Do you (or will you) have to manage a major company transformation? Written by Tim Thexton As interim managers, especially senior managers and directors we are most frequently called in at times of major change – for example a major company transformation. As such, titling ourselves change managers, we are the harbingers of that inevitable … Read more

International Business Relationships: A Success Story

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Introduction to international business relationships This success story describes one experience and two levels of feedback on international business relationships. The experience is my assignment as Executive Vice President for Orascom started 7 years ago. One level is describing a senior management position within an emerging market leader organization. The other is how, on a … Read more

International Management – Future Plans

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International Management: A sticky wicket? Some facts about the global economic climate Not a reference to the England cricket team’s difficulties on the subcontinent but a term economists use when inflation is resistant to change. Should we then be overly alarmed to see inflation stuck at 2.7% for three months straight in the UK? Perhaps … Read more