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Job opportunity: CEO/Plastic Industry/India

We are looking for a CEO for an India based company which manufactures and sells plastic equipment.

Assignment: As leader of the executive team, the Chief Executive Officer will assess the business strategy and develop an action plan to lead the company into its next growth phase. The CEO will leverage the Company’s strengths and address its weaknesses to create a strategically sustainable growth platform that is well-prepared to achieve future growth objectives.
Objectives: The CEO oversees all aspects of the business, operations, sales and marketing, procurement, engineering, finance, and all related corporate support functions. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for analyzing current and future business and operational improvement opportunities for the Company, analyzing and setting strategic direction for the organization, aligning the organization’s management team to drive orders, sales and cash flow, and the implementation of best-in-class industrial manufacturing practices. Continue reading

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Hiring the best people

“You can’t send a duck to eagle school”

You have to admit,  when you saw the headline of Colin Thompson’s short article. Ducks? Eagles? What’s this to do with business? But you will be simply stunned by the truth behind this kind of funny sentence. What about you? Do you think you can train a duck to become an eagle?

A few years ago I had lunch with a top executive from a company known for their legendary retail service. My wife and I are both huge fans, and over lunch I shared with him some of the great service stories his people had provided the Thompson family.
I said, “With the service your people give…you must have a training manual 2 inches thick.”
He looked up and said, “Colin, we do not have a training manual. What we do is find the best people we can find and we empower them to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.”
Then he said something I’ll never forget. He said, “We learned a long time ago that you cannot send a duck to eagle school.” Read the complete article on hiring the best peolple written by top executive Colin Thompson Continue reading

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Find the Right CEO

How to Find the Right CEO – Infographic

Finding the right top executive, interim manager, or CEO can be difficult. Our database of certified top executives enables us to find the right CEO for almost any task – fast, flexible and with no risk for you.

View and share our infographic on how to find the right CEO anytime!

About CEO Worldwide

A winning team with a new approach to top executive recruitment

The business – a revolutionary new approach to top executive recruitment

CEO Worldwide, founded 2001 in France by Patrick Mataix offers Management on Demand™, the one stop shopping service forinterim managers or permanent recruitment of top executivesworldwide, a unique blend of interim management and top executive search dedicated to supporting the globalization of businesses.

Featuring a high level of flexibility and reactivity, Management on Demand™ is perfectly tailored to the modern day constraints on most companies, using certified local competence to minimize the indirect hiring cost while accelerating the operational return. Continue reading

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HR Expert File – Top Management

A Tip on the Long Tail of Top Management

by Avidgor Luttinger

“Taking risks is inherent in top management roles, but some often suppressed aspects are isolation and doubt. With the increase of economic and political uncertainty and complexity, top managers need to be able to ponder alternatives and decisions with stakeless peers – something that they cannot find in their Boards or management groups…”

Avigdor Luttinger has an INSEAD MBA with international exposure and 4 languages. He is managing across global frontiers, combining extensive international travel and virtual teams. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: War for Talent

War for Talent by Josef David

According to a landmark Mc Kinsey study in 1997, 6.000 managers and top executives stated that the most important corporate resource over the next twenty years will be talent. Smart, sophisticated business people who are technologically literate, globally astute and operational agile. In 2000 they updated the study and found, despite the economic slowdown and the end of the boom, the war for talent was intensifying dramatically. McKinsey found that attracting and retaining talent was not just a valid desire – it was a business imperative... Continue reading

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Interim Management: The First Week

Interim Management – Life at the Sharp End (Part 2)

This is the second part of the Insiderblog on Interim Management from Peter Wolf, one of our certified iCEOs. View the latest figures of our top executives pool

The First Week

Never is the saying more true to the letter “There is no second chance for a first impression” than when you first enter your new company as an interim general manager. You prepared yourself well, you have your script and you have the necessary authorisation by the board. So you feel well prepared for the task. At this point, let me say a word about the dress code and I do not mean white tennis socks. You will have to fit in which means that if your client is a manufacturing SME in a more rural area of the country it is a bad idea to show up in Oxford shirt and pin-stripe suit. Do not overdress nor underdress. Continue reading

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