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How to make the brand turnaround on the first biggest Global Market after US? A story by Nathalie Schneider

Before we go into the details of the brand turnaround project, I would like to give a short statement about being a women leader: YES, I AM A WOMEN BUT I have always behaved without thinking I am a women. Work place is competitive for all (men and women) and what will make difference is results, how to get them and how you develop your team& work with others. I have always tried to lead by example. When I took this turnaround challenge, I was the first women to do so and my sales force and customers were mostly men. I gained respect step by step from all. Then I tried to balance the team with more women as I believe the balance creates a good mix and is part of diversity. Continue reading

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International Top Executive Video: Russell – CEO – USA

Russel achieved ZERO to $128 million in sales within six years. He started, ran, and owned 100% of this company and started seven other successful multi-million dollar companies as well. He claims, the secret to building great companies lies within the CEO’s leadership and being expert in sales and marketing. In his video, he shares the key factors of his outstanding entrepreneurial success in just 90 seconds.

Check out Russel’s full short bio at Continue reading

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Why should your customers do business with you?

Written by Joe Orlando

If you can’t explain why customers should do business with you, how can you expect THEM to know

Listen and look closely at advertisements that promote that they are the BEST – HIGHEST RANKED – MOST AWARDED – at something and it always come with the key qualifier. Best “in class,” and most awarded  “in their segment…”

THIS is the very key! Eliminate every opportunity to be measured on a level playing field with everyone else in your markets. Unless, of course, you are already the market leader with a substantial share…but I suspect, to achieve this, the market had to recognize uniqueness and a “bar” was raised with which to measure all others. Continue reading

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Why Video Marketing Works

Whether you own a small business or part of a multinational corporation, there is a constant truth in the marketing landscape: videos are more effective than images, banner ads and sound bites. But what strategies can businesses employ to get the most out of their video campaigns? Here’s a look at techniques and the statistics behind video marketing and why it works.

The Appeal of Video

Humans perceive the world predominantly with vision. While sound, smell, taste and touch make up the remainder, humans rely most heavily on what they can see. A person can get a sense for a visual in about one-tenth of a second, and a video ad is 12 times more likely to be watched than a text ad is to be read. There are a couple reasons for this; one of the simplest ones is effort. If people have a choice, they’ll typically pick the option that is easiest. For instance, how many people do you know who have seen a movie based on a book, rather than reading that book? While the book may be a more immersive and fulfilling experience overall, many people feel as though they don’t have the time and video conveys a message much quicker. But how does video match up against still photography? While, images are worth 1,000 words, video is far superior considering motion catches the eye easier than a still image. Continue reading

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Chief Marketing Officer job opportunity

Chief Marketing Officer/VP Marketing – Software – USA

We are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)/VP Marketing for a company operating in the SaaS industry based in USA (Florida).

Assignment description: The CMO/VP Marketing is a strategist with proven success in marketing and oversees the Company’s marketing for prospects, a.k.a.; Fortune 1000 brand clients.

This position is responsible for the development, sell-through and performance of all lead generation programs including content, strategy, creative development and project management.

This role works to develop the Company as an industry and thought leader – spreading brand and product awareness in key forums as identified by the Executive Team. Continue reading

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Marketing Manager job offer

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Job Opportunity/e-commerce, retail//USA

We are looking for a Senior Digital Marketing Manager for a company operating in wholesale trade and based in USA.

Assignment: The Senior Manager of Digital Marketing will champion online marketing presence and strategy for all company’s Brands. This position will focus on customer acquisition, site traffic, conversion, and revenue.


• Own the global digital marketing strategy, activities and budget.

• Manage digital marketing processes, plans and spend optimization for all of the company’s brands. Continue reading

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Sales & Marketing Director job offer

Sales & Marketing Director/industrial equipment products and services/Brazil


Sales & Marketing Director role for the new Brazilian subsidiary of an international global firm leader in the industrial weighing industry.

Objectives: Increase market penetration and revenues

Duration: Permanent

Start: ASAP – Q3 2015

Main business activity:  The company is operating in the Design, production, sales and after-sales service of industrial weighing equipment.

 Ideal candidate profile:

– Engineering background (ideally electromechanical engineering)

– Successful experience as Sales Director in a B to B company, ideally in the weighing industry or packaging industry (machinery)or other industrial equipment industry. Continue reading

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COO, Managing Director – France

Conception and implementation of worldwide marketing strategies

Top Executive with management of large entities in multicultural environments. Conception and implementation of worldwide marketing strategies.
Major achievement: Building the largest telecom equipment vendor in Russia, with local manufacturing. 600 employees, 300 M€ turnover…

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Improve sales performance

Customers are now smarter at buying than the salesmen are at selling. Tips for Improve sales performance

by Ray Cote You may have read one or more of the thousands of books currently available on how to improve sales performance. With so many books advising on how to be great at sales, you may be forgiven for wondering why there are so few talented salespeople out there.

You see, the thing is, in the last 40 years there have been no significant advances in sales techniques. Virtually all were built on a foundation E.K. Strong laid down in 1925. Any “new way” of selling can be mapped to one of 4 approaches that were first promulgated in the 1960’s. Procurement methods have changed – but selling methods have stood still. If a company is not hitting its sales targets it may be due to one or more of the following problems:  Continue reading

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Interim Manager Success Story: Rescue Start-Up

How to Rescue a Failing Start-Up – an Interim Manager Success Story

A success story from our iCEO Steven Lund, Interim Manager

Steven Lund tells in this success story how he turned around a failing start-up company and brought it to a successful exit being hired as an interim manager.


Company: You Take Control
Market: Privacy
Industry: Health Care
Position held: Interim CEO
Responsibilities: Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Service, Support, Business Development
How hired: I met the founder at a conference and he hired me to come in to grow the company
Company status when started: Burned thru $300K with no product, no partnerships, no channels for distribution and no cash to run the company. Continue reading

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