Female Executive Search Insights: Diversity Managers

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The Crucial Role of Diversity Managers in Fostering Inclusion and Equality The article discusses the responsibilities of Diversity Managers, who are tasked with promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within an organization. These professionals are responsible for creating policies and practices that promote equal access to opportunities and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees. … Read more

Insights – 13 October 2021

Security, Safety, Vigilance and Responses in a Smart City The globalisation of the economies have made people migrate from their home and hearth to their new workplaces across the geographies specially metro cities of the world. This workforce migration has been rapid in last two decades… Open Blog Post ESG Share Buybacks How can share … Read more

CEO Worldwide Bulletin: January 2020

How Can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Executive Search?

Happy New Year and welcome to the latest issue of our quarterly newsletter. All at CEO Worldwide wish you a successful 2020 as we continue to bring you the latest news from the world of executive recruitment. It’s a new year, which invites new ideas. So we’ve chosen the theme of innovation for this newsletter, … Read more

How business schools and universities can drive the gender diversity agenda

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By CEO Worldwide Women currently represent 36% of European MBA students and 42% of US MBA students. However, when they enter the business world, they’ll notice just 22% of board members, and 7% of board presidents, are female. Are business schools doing enough to push and prioritise gender diversity? For some, the answer is ‘not … Read more

Where are the Women… Capable of being CEOs and Corporate Directors?

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One article among others in France highlights “A scarcity of women with CEO’s experience, one of the profiles that companies are seeking widely for their board of directors”. This implies that in order to validly exercise a mandate in France, it is almost essential to have managed a company, at least a business unit? Not … Read more

How to prepare for crisis


There is no company that did not face or survived a time of crisis. Of course, there are many specialists to turn around a crisis, but wouldn’t you rather want to prevent the situation from turning into a crisis in the first place? You want to know how? https://www.female-executive-search.com/meet-our-women-leaders/short-bio/?cntc_id=58934#video