Insights – 20 April 2022

woman filling job application form in office with boss
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Seven Characteristics of a High Performing Board

This insightful paper gives board directors and key stakeholders suggestions to maximise the performance of their boards. The seven characteristics are drawn from published research by McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review. Read More

What Are The Best and Most Impactful Questions To Ask a CEO in an Interview?

In this article, we cover the questions that test the core capabilities a CEO is typically expected to possess: revenue strategy, stakeholder communication, product innovation, crisis management, and market knowledge. Whether you are interviewing for a new CEO, or are a candidate preparing for a CEO interview, this is essential reading. Open Blog Post

Executive Search Firms: An Explainer

Ever wanted to understand the difference between an Executive Search Firm and other types of staffing agencies? Or how Executive Search Firms work? Our explainer article has all your questions covered. Read more

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