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Job opportunity: CEO/Plastic Industry/India

We are looking for a CEO for an India based company which manufactures and sells plastic equipment.

Assignment: As leader of the executive team, the Chief Executive Officer will assess the business strategy and develop an action plan to lead the company into its next growth phase. The CEO will leverage the Company’s strengths and address its weaknesses to create a strategically sustainable growth platform that is well-prepared to achieve future growth objectives.
Objectives: The CEO oversees all aspects of the business, operations, sales and marketing, procurement, engineering, finance, and all related corporate support functions. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for analyzing current and future business and operational improvement opportunities for the Company, analyzing and setting strategic direction for the organization, aligning the organization’s management team to drive orders, sales and cash flow, and the implementation of best-in-class industrial manufacturing practices. Continue reading

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Interim Management: The First Week

Interim Management – Life at the Sharp End (Part 2)

This is the second part of the Insiderblog on Interim Management from Peter Wolf, one of our certified iCEOs. View the latest figures of our top executives pool

The First Week

Never is the saying more true to the letter “There is no second chance for a first impression” than when you first enter your new company as an interim general manager. You prepared yourself well, you have your script and you have the necessary authorisation by the board. So you feel well prepared for the task. At this point, let me say a word about the dress code and I do not mean white tennis socks. You will have to fit in which means that if your client is a manufacturing SME in a more rural area of the country it is a bad idea to show up in Oxford shirt and pin-stripe suit. Do not overdress nor underdress. Continue reading

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