How To Quickly Recruit Your Next Key Executive Hire?

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One of the biggest challenges when hiring for your most senior executive roles has always been the timescales that are needed to get results. C-Suite executives typically have lengthy notice periods – and the process to headhunt and interview them is often long and drawn out.

This is a frustration – and a business critical issue – for companies that need to make a hire quickly.

That’s where the intelligent candidate matching service from CEO vs. President Worldwide can really make a big difference.

With the platform having registered ~20,000 CEOs and senior executives, its new alert service means you can be reviewing potential C-Level hires within minutes. By heading to the homepage, businesses can immediately set up candidate-matching alerts that will see you receiving potential candidate matches without delay.

Simply indicate the type of senior executive you wish to hire (with everything from innovation leaders to supply chain leaders available), then specify what type of hire you wish to make (permanent, interim, etc),How To Quickly Recruit Your Next Key Executive Hire whether there is any industry expertise you are looking for and the geographical location of the role. The candidate matching system will then start sending you a manageable number of tailored candidates who fit your requirements.

Will this allow you to dramatically cut both the time-to-hire and the cost of making your next executive hire? You’ll never know if you don’t try – and since it’s free to setup, there’s nothing to be lost by experimenting with this innovative new approach.

Set up your candidate matching alert now.