The Business Leadership Newsletter – 16.12.2020

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Hiring Executive Talent Remotely

How can you improve your gender balance and hire executive talent remotely? Could hiring Interim-to-Perm allow you to attract great C-Suite candidates? Here’s what we learnt from interviewing Ghislaine Couvreur, who has recently been placed as a CEO in a swiss company in the AI sector.

3 CEOs Who ‘Get’ Gender Balance – And Build It

Want to improve Gender Balance at the most senior levels of your company? If so, this is a fascinating discussion with 3 CEOs who’ve been striving for this – and the biggest questions they feel you need to tackle… Do companies and leaders really buy the ‘WHY’ of gender balance? Do they understand ‘WHAT’ is currently going on in their organisations that creates and perpetuates imbalances? Plus ‘HOW’ do you successfully implement balance – without a big backlash and lots of resentment from men?

It’s Time for Tech Recruiters to Walk the Diversity Talk

What is the biggest barrier to improving your diversity hiring? 49% of recruiters say that finding diverse candidates to interview is the most significant challenge. Whether you’re recruiting at executive level or more mid-level ranks, overcoming this challenge is key. Some good ideas in this SHRM article to consider – and if you need help improving your executive level diversity hiring specifically do get in touch.

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