The Business Leadership Newsletter – 19.03.2020

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How To Lead In Times Of Crisis

Your employees need to believe that their organization is able to handle the current crisis. If you have not already communicated to employees about the virus, you should do so now. If you have, remember to take a human and humane approach to address their fears and be sure to update them regularly. Here are some key areas to address and tactics you can adopt in your business.

Why Aren’t You Using Video Interviews For Executive Recruitment?

We previously wrote about the opportunity that many executive recruiters were missing out on, through not embracing the possibilities of video job interviews. Now we’re in a world where recruiting teams are being forced to adopt such technologies, it’s timely to revisit this advice.

Coronavirus: 10 Workplace Impacts You Might Not Have Considered

This is an exceptional read from the Australian HR Institute. Leading isn’t just about ensuring your business survives the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s also about understanding the impact that extended periods of remote working and anxiety are going to have on your staff, morale and the functioning of your business. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to consider.