The Business Leadership Newsletter – 11.03.2020

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Leadership Courage is Contagious

Becoming the courageous leader that you aspire to be does not happen overnight. The following tips have been passed down by business mentors and will help you achieve your aspirations. It takes you to demonstrate courage daily if you are to be the one who helps change your team, your company or even the world. So take time to improve yourself and your leadership courage today.

A.I. is Among Our Most Effective Tools in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Not just a fascinating look at how A.I. is helping the world to tackle Coronavirus, this is also a great example of how pervasive the impact of new technologies can be in any industry and in disrupting the status quo. What might be the use cases in your industry? Something we all should be giving due consideration…

Investment in Leadership Development Continues to be Critically Important

A new study looks at the long-term positive impact of better leadership on organizational productivity and profitability. Organizational success is driven by strong leadership – and companies that invest in leadership training consistently appear on the most-admired and best-of lists. These businesses also enjoy higher revenue and profits, higher market share, and increased employee engagement and retention. Read on for the direct link to organizational success.